Post a recent photo of yourself (IDMf's Most Hated Thread 2.0 Edition)


This one’s decent. Filter used to give it a light vintage feel (seems obvious but in case you thought that the door really needed some cleaning)

Also: beer? Yassssss. Anybody here on Untappd? I’m “ItCameFromTheInternet” on there.


Oh shit I’ve never heard of Untappd. That’s neat! Gonna download it today :wink:


The really cool thing about Untappd is that it helps keep track of beers you’ve tried in random places so you can check whether you liked them or not later, in case you may be somewhere where those are served as well - never buy a shitty beer twice!

You can also keep track of places you were at, which can bring some cool memories some years down the line. And there are some promo stuff, announcements about places opening near you, etc. Not the best timing right now, unfortunately, but I’m sure you’ll find it handy in the (hopefully not-too-distant) future.


real IDMf priorities @relic


LMAO that is the best fucking thing ever dude. Honestly this is making me laugh so much, thank you. That made my day. I may actually share that outside the forum HAHA


@nostromer you win even my girlfriend laughed


Lmao I got inspired from another source of this image from a buddy.

Good meme potential, when I saw your photo I couldn’t help myself XD XD

<3 :beers:


memeification? You got it because you’re winner!


This was good



Damn I just got 1up’d hard. This is awesome. Hahahahaha




Literally the most famous I’ll ever be.





My old ratchet cat Charlie, he’s 16 this year. Been with me for a long time, still loves the cuddles. The loud cunt.

If you ever have the opportunity to get a Siamese / Himalayan mix… prepare for a lot of obnoxious conversation.


I wonder jf our tuxi is so vocal we are pretty sure her biggest problem in life is we cant understand her.

She responds to commands. She will leave a room if I ask her sternly but nicely (we have some rooms that are usually no cat rooms and she acts like her feline rights have been violated).


Me and cats:


Never before seen. I’m not providing an explanation.






My daughter thinks she’s really cute.