Post a recent photo of yourself (IDMf's Most Hated Thread 2.0 Edition)


rolf awesome :smiley:


IDMf album cover right there.


This quarantine has been good for my homeless look.


You’d fit right in in Austin.


Dude, I’ve been to Austin once years and years ago for the AWP conference (I stayed at the DT Hilton by a convention center and could walk to a lot of hotspots). He totally looks like Austin, TX LMAO


Beards and Tats are cool here. Among other things. Flannels, skinny jeans, blah blah blah…I actually think the west coast long shirts are a thing here now.


hey I’ll take that as a compliment I hear Austin is a pretty badass town. Lol.

…I mean I try not to be this disheveled all the time but… you know…

lazy stoner quarantine vibes


@relic @nostromer

People wise, it’s pretty good. Friendly, etc. Live music and party scene are good as well. Could probably go at any point in the day and find something local or near by. Traffic is shit, as someone that works here, yea…fuck…

Craft beer breweries are plentiful, so if that’s your jam, you can find some good ones here as well. If green was legal it’d probably rank higher in the site seeing category but that’s whatever, just like most places. I think I had more fun in Denver and Portland as far as chilling out and not going full-bore fucktard, with the night life. But live music is definitely an offset there, I think anyways.

Usually over the summer my wife and I go boating with her family and have tons of fun there. Which is more my jam than bar hopping, to be fair. I look forward to those weekends.

I will watch my brother and his bands play live, when applicable to my work week. Punkish stuffs.



Reg Pabst works here too. :joy:


I also like craft beer lol but sometimes I just need a functional beer that is going to “get me there” ya know?


yep, totally. my choice beer is Miller Lite and High Life. But I’ve been known to go down the Pabst and Lone Star trail. =D


Hecks ya brah. High Life was my other car college go to.


High Life gang ! Love me some of that.

My new favorite cheap ass beer (that’s finally in utah since its 5%) is Pub Beer. Simple name.

18x 5%'ers for $12? Uhhh yes.

(yes this qualifies as a photo of me currently)


Ha, I almost forgot how much beer sucks in Utah. :stuck_out_tongue:


Dude my grandpa Jack used to drink this beer that was like a white box that just aid “BEER” in red. The cans ere the same white can “BEER” in red. LMFAO cheers grandpa Jack RIP


they had “Beer beer” when I was in college. It was the dregs of the regular beers, the last 10% or whatever they did not filter out of the vats for the regular product. Quality varied between completely awful and horse-piss. Just a blue label on a white can…those were the days.


yea I think its what some brewers call a “small beer” which is made with left overs and is lower abv…American pioneers gave it to their kids…


that was not a part of Oregon Trail when I played. "here Johnny, take this horse-piss, I mean leftover beer, and shut the hell up!"your son has died of drinking too much horse piss


that was before the the scenario “Trump Kills Everyone With Capitalist Bullshit” upgrade.