Poll: should we have a dedicated politics thread?

One week to vote: would you like a dedicated politics thread?
One week to vote, go.


  • This is just a proposition referendum, Yes might win and you might still not get if no Mod would like to take care of it.
  • If it turns into another shit pile and people keep flagging posts, we might close it.
  • Yes
  • No

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Is there a fuck yes option or am I just stuck with these two?

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Easy tiger, we’re only discussing options, no need to get so aggressive.

Right, sorry. Edited my reply to make it a tad less hostile. Good luck.

dunno bout you guys but i come here for idm and music in general - not participating if i dont care is a given, but is this poll necessary? if one’s the bright idea of saying a thing or two on politics in their own thread, go right ahead. unless the mods are adamant about not doing this , who actually gives a rats ass?

would very much like to come here and talk about music than about some fucking hag in bumfuckville from the isuckdick party and argue with some man over some arbitrary social policy that,in reality, has no bearing on either of our lives. come on now.

and i wouldn’t be so adverse to the idea if keeping it civil was commonplace, but in this climate, it’s surefire that it’ll devolve into an apeish riot. let the people babble if they want. this poll - unneeded.

everything is political.

the decision to moderate political talks on this forum is a political decision.

making a dedicated thread for politics will only give you more moderation work and you will end up with censoring users talking in other threads; when is an opinion too political?

Lol, I like how so many people are afraid of opposing opinions. I miss the old IDMF when people could just speak their mind without getting moderated. Is this really what the community has become?

Not hating on anybody but this is pretty depressing.


To be honest, people will end up arguing over politics anyway, the choice is between having this arguments wherever they happen, with people being annoyed and flagging them thus causing me or other mods getting annoyed as we have to waste time cleaning up the shit, or having a thread where you can talk about politics and us only stepping in one you cunts start insulting each other mum’s directly.

I personally believe that there’s no point in arguing politics on a music forum, like there’s no point in trying to change somebody’s opinion online.

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No because it’s opens you up to bots posting political nonsense and disinformation, I’d say honestly it should be kept to a group private message where select users if they wish to do so can discuss it freely and privately on a forum without having to worry about bots

Speaking your mind, and intentionally spreading lies in an organised manner, is not the same.

The way people “create opinions” today is different from “the way it used to be” back in the day. With no moderation, any fool could call in an army of angry Trump cronies from Reddit and create an “echo chamber effect”.

But hey, - if the mods think it’s an interesting thing to spend time on, then they should, of course, just go for it.

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Politics=can of worms because troll factories

Again, opposing opinions. I’m not really a politics guy at all but do you hear what you’re saying?

Apparently I’ve slipped into bizarro world


I’d support a hard ban on anything overtly political. Plenty of other places to have that discussion.


IDMF: “Echo Chamber of the Bizarre”.


well since im in team america no.i come here for musics and arts and intelligent bullshit.
not narcissism, lies, baiting ,elitism…blah blah so on and so forth.
after all theres no crying on idmf.
The interwebz is a place of goodness,trooth,and porn!
now stfu and get off my lawn.

You were the first person to post something political and I responded. You are guilty of this too buddy.

Like I said earlier ban it completely and any post that is political is deleted or allow it all. This wishy washy grey area is what is frustrating.

Nah. Politics will affect your opinion of a person outside of the politics thread. Keep IDMf drama free.

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i wish things had no grey areas…

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Personally I would’ve voted to not have a vote about having a politics thread XD

But props to the mods for considering the community’s input on this.