Poll: should we have a dedicated politics thread?


No, because of the fire it creates. Yes, because of the fire it creates.


politics shouldn’t be the sum of who a person is, nor less a forum


The community isn’t any different than it was “back in the day.” Smaller yes, but different, not really. The MOD team isn’t out to censor people but when you have people telling others to fuck off and die multiple times, over and over again saying this place can burn in hell, something needs to be done about that.

I’m all for free speech as much as the next guy but if I went out on the street corner and said some of the things I see said here sometimes, I’d be “censored” too. If I went to my friends house and talked about how shit the food was, how ugly the rug was, and how stupid my host was, after a while, they’d stop inviting me. People typically get what they ask for.

I vote no.


Idk, I remember if you said something stupid you would get absolutely destroyed and it was allowed to happen because it is the internet. I think it’s better that it got cleaned up, but there has been a shift in policy since that time.


I agree, but that has nothing to do with a politics thread


Indirectly so I think it does. The way people behave and present themselves in online discussions has a way of bleeding out into other discussions they have on the same board. It’s just what happens. Let’s say you and I disagree here and I call you something that genuinely upsets you. Now, in any other threads you see me you’re going to remember that and, like it or not, it’s going to effect the way you deal with me going forward.

Given the fact that a political thread has about a 100 times the opportunities for something like that to happen, vs most all other discussions we have here, the existence of a thread like that definitely contributes to forum-wide strife.

I mean c’mon, we saw it with the trump thread on the old board and we’re seeing it here every time we open the discussion back up.

Political Thread = Can o’ Worms
I still vote, no.


As long as ALL political garbage gets hammered, I am totally on board with this.

I have a feeling, unfortunately, that after a while a certain type of political discussion will begin to bleed through. Nothing will happen, and anyone who argues against it will be labeled as some sort of “trouble maker”

Let’s kill ALL political discussion, and be done with it.


That is the idea.


Okay… if that is what the goal is then we need to communicate the forums position clearly so that everyone knows where IDMF stands. Make it easy.


i never thought i’d see the death of the off topic thread (idmfs dedicated shitpost thread) not that its a big deal but hey it is what is

ok, besides political discussions tend to make people polarized anyways, and another thing some of it is just holistic armchair garbage manifestos i’d rather not the forum become a haven for people posting extremist manifestos


i’ve done that so many times, lol


I agree it is easier to just say no politics.


No reason to hate on / argue with each other in a music forum because of something that’s already so ubiquitous and inescapable IRL.

IDMf is our small piece of cyberspace that isn’t crawling with it all day. It’s our music/community shitpost haven. :slight_smile:


What about a philosophy thread

  • Philosophy ok
  • No philosophy because same as politics

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