Pandemic social distancing diary thread


This ummmm thing we are putting up with,covid,democracy,income inequality,free range oligarchy etc.
has me quite bummed.i find myself missing my cat’s peanut and has been over 2 years.
so i am planning a kitty!not sure if i should get a young shelter cat or a kitten.but i do miss a kitty keeping me company.they are quite loving and fun despite rumors to the contrary!


argh I’ve been seriously considering getting a kitty, but the apartment I moved into this year doesn’t allow any pets so I’m stuck for at least this year, because the apartment was a really good deal. I’d like to have a kitty tho.


yeah,i am not supposed to have a pet,and this place is tiny.but my neighbors have cats,and the guy downstairs has a dog.sooooo. ima do it anyway.i still miss my lil buddies but i think a new lil buddy would help.
too bad about no pets,i think that is entirely communist!


Life’s pretty good for me, all things considered.

My work is not at all impacted by Covid, and back in March my company sent over half of the company across the State home to work with gear provided.

The current plan for the length of working from home is “indefinite”.
Works for me. Our department production rate has gone up with everyone being home, and because we feel more in need to check in on each other with meetings, we’re more in tune than ever.

I’m saving $400 in gas a month. However, we’re spending about $300/month more in groceries since we’re not waiting for discounts, but just buying in larger lumps in fewer visits. Still, ~$100 savings is still good.

I’ve got my office set up, and I get to keep staying at home for the rest of the year at the very least.
I always prefer working from home, but they rarely have allowed it in the past - even though there’s seriously no reason for me to drive 40 miles to sit in an office to click and type on a laptop for 8 hours.

Our kids have been home schooled for years (because allergies which lead to two ER visits from public school), but the home school here is more like a charter school (teachers and gear provided and you teach what the teachers don’t - basically, you teach the core stuff).

So really…since we’re not very social anyway, we’re enjoying our personal condition pretty well.



Yeh its always good to have an emergency food supply :wink:


I completed reading Stage Lighting: Fundamentals and Applications over the last week and a half:


The university allowed students to come back (mostly from Chicago) and the inevitable has happened: outbreaks and closures. Not sure how children can learn online but fucking twenty year olds can’t. The shitty dance hall hookup place is now closed, the surrounding schools are now closed, and the little place where I was working on an art showing is now closed.

Hauled a bunch of shit to Goodwill today.

I got my male sex toy, btw. It’s pretty cool!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Interesting times, indeed.


:+1: :+1:


hmmm…is it a plastic male? or ummmm i confused…



Kneel before flip flops


Unfortunately, this is the second time I’ve seen someone in socks and sandals on here in 3 days. I’m starting to question my social circle…


I finally made a propper scan of this biggish collage. “World Tree” 15 x 24

A bit of a challenge on my smaller scanner. Colors on this thing are crazy accurate. Resolution is fairly normal. This is a highly compressed image. Up next, gonna scan my BIG one.


Did you make this?


Not only did he make it, but knowing what I do of Vlant, he probably slept with the woman he made it for.


Yeah, with magazines, scissors, and a glue stick. You can find more of my collages in the art thread (and the cover of the Soul Engine IDMf release), although some have had better scans since then (think I may have posted them further up in this thread.) Had a showing planned… cancelled, of course.

Some even feature naked ladies and stuff!!!

Haha! Not this one. Hey now, there have only been five!!

Tried to scan the big one last night, but something came apart right at the end and fucked it all up, so I need to repair it. Spent a damn hour scanning it, too.


Speaking of collages, my friend is in town on his way to Colorado. Just got married. I promised him a year ago I’d make him a collage, soooooo that’s what I’m doing now.


Isolation has an upside to me.
I get to sport my Covashion without concern over work requirements! :slight_smile:



This reminds me of a game called Samorost. I don’t know if you ever played that.


I’ve definitely been rocking my PJ’s and lounge shirt every day.