Old Skool Tracks of the Day



pill poppers party toooonnnn

Disco biscuits anyone…


Ah the rave days…

Dropping this in just because…


So awesome, haven’t listened to this in quite a while :smiley:



This song came up recently in conversation…



@JV S Takes me on to the Shamen - KLF, Shamen, Prodigy, XL Records = RAVE (my free hardy acidic hash days). Dungarees and trainers!


You know I am listening to The Orb so much at the moment, just great chillout and end of night music still almost 30 years on and its timeless in my opinion Along with KLFs Chillout Album and pf Course Floyd’s Dark Side. So play below and @4min25secs for the spoiler
Innocence Natural Thing. Used to hear this on the chillout night at Zig-Zags Nightclub back in the day…


I may end up playing some Orb here soon in an impromptu afternoon set while people come through our tent to check out the artwork (having a listen to those tracks will edit when finished).

Ahhhh niiice. Love the Pink Floyd sample! I’m going to see if I can pick this track up somewhere.





If you like acid, then you must get this one as it has the original, raw recordings that are hard to find elsewhere (sorry, can’t find it on YouTube): https://www.allmusic.com/album/classic-acid-mw0000601150

Speaking of The Orb, anyone else into FSOL?


Evil old school electro, from the dark corners of space!



this melody so happy


Happy brings back memories off…