New Sample Pack! Submissions Closed!


Hello fellow forumites!

After the success of our first attempt at a sample pack, the Netlabel Team has been wanting to do a follow up, and we are finally ready to kick it off! This time around, we want to take you all on a trip…into space! (please read that in a shakey yet dramatic inner-voice, you know the one).

And we are not talking this star system: we are doing deep. Deeper. No, just a few…more…lightyears…yeah, so deep into space we have gotten away from everything. No satellites, no sun, no Preacher/cat rap collabs ….just us, recording together the faint, erie and softly rythmic sounds emanating from all around us , or we have chosen to call them:

Signals from the Void!

(also to be read in dramatic, shakey announcer voice, perhaps with some reverb)

For this pack we challenge you to come up with ambient samples based on the theme of deep space. Cold, distant, static-filled, beautiful or haunting, wherever your imagination takes you. We ask little, only that:

  1. You follow the label submission guidelines
  2. Titles are formatted as Artist - SampleName
  3. Please keep them under 5 minutes.
  4. They be delivered no later than January 8th.

A release is planned for the end of January, depending on how many entries we get and how much processing is required. There will be an additional thread requesting cover art as well, so bring out your inner astronaut and get working on sounds and visuals!



Awesome! I’ve been wanting an excuse to sit down and have some good sound design sessions. :slight_smile:


So who else is thinking about making some sounds for this? :smiley: I have a day reserved next week for it myself, looking forward to seeing what all my reverbs can do


Made a few sounds for this today and sent those in - just 4 to be precise, but one of those is about 3 minutes, so I feel like I have earned my participation medal for this one :wink:


Nice Meta, I will check those out!

Just a reminder to everyone else; the deadline is next Friday. :slight_smile:


Last day for submissions! Get 'em in if you can, or at least let me know if you are intending to but running late.


I am intending to, but work is super busy. Been doing OT all week to try and wrap up our year’s accounting. Will do some samples this weekend.


Well folks, perhaps it was bad timing on our part, doing this over the holidays and all, but we did not receive enough samples to make a pack. If anyone has something they still want to submit, please let us know, otherwise we are going to re-think this one this week and try to come up with a new plan. If anyone has any comments or ideas, such as a more interesting theme, don’t be shy, post here so we can discuss it. :slight_smile:


Seriously guys, 28 days and not enough samples? At the same time, 50+ posts every day about what new hardware you guys want to buy :wink:


bummer :\


Yeah, this one just did not take off, either due to the timing over the holidays, or the idea did not resonate as well with you all as we thought it would. So for now, we are going to scrap this pack and are considering our next move, possibly something using the samples we did receive as raw material. We will discuss and get back to everyone soon. :wink:


I was going to submit a bunch but then I realized I had enough to put together another full pack. yolo


I just by the hardware for the pretty lights and pretty girls lol :rofl:


I record about 10 samples every time I turn on the Akai, I just never take the time to file them or save them…

Plus I mostly have gear to take photos.


People always like more hardware-based samples and it doesn’t take long to save and upload. I hope more of the hardware crowd joins in if there is another sample pack thingy, the last one turned out pretty cool imho.


I know this derped but these are available if another attempt is made.

Like mentioned, they’re pulled from The Giant and one of it’s percussion modes.

If not, they’re still in the grab samples thread, which I would hope actually got more filled, since all of us have made something at some point. Weird shit or precise.


Nice BBB, I will keep that in mind. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if anyone is into this, but I’d be willing to collaborate with someone / multiple people on a sample pack for IDMF (maybe in exchange for a shout-out to my packs page or something simple on the release page). Part of the reason why I didn’t submit on the first time around is because I would’ve probably flooded submissions and that doesn’t really fit the free-for-all ‘submit you stuff, everyone’ layout.

If anyone wants to do this and the label permits, maybe we can discuss a theme with the label guys and get cracking on something kind of massive in terms of quality and quantity?


That is definitely an interesting idea there SD, I will take it to the back room and discuss with the others, but in principle, I do not see a problem with that.