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What moves me is when i watch deadmau5 working in Ableton. Not one other video gives me so much motivation (there are tons of videos on youtube or twitch streams at

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Interesting. This is totally foreign to me and frankly watching a long live stream of someone working in a DAW sounds more boring than watching paint dry. I can’t imagine watching Picasso sketch would be anymore interesting.

The thing that energizes me the most is going to a party with good DJs or hearing a mix with a bunch of cool new tunes in it. Or DJing a good party myself. Unfortunately I don’t get to do any of these much these days.


My initial motivation def comes from going to and DJing at parties, DNB mostly and some House. But that is long ago - nowadays I get motivation to work on music or sound design by:

  • generally listening to music that has awesome sound design and/or great melodies
  • listening to great vocalists thinking the music could be different/better for my own ears
  • using interesting synths, directly motivating me both to make sounds and to play
  • an inspiring idea, story or imagined setting
  • last but not least, personal experiences and feelings that make we want to express something…

I noticed that with both music and making games my motivation comes from being able to enter a work mindset.
I might be ‘inspired’ or get ideas from doing other things, but until I sit at my desk, with some time booked out and approaching this as a job, I will not get my juices flowing.
If I get into that state, then ideas flow better and I just have to organise them and act on them.

Of course there is the long-term goal. But gets me doing thing is doing things.


I’ve tried listening to his music, but it’s mostly too mainstream for my taste. The guy obviously knows all the tricks and works really hard too, - but I can’t shake the feeling like something is missing.

Maybe he just prefers commercially viable choices over his own personal taste. idk.

He might still be a great teacher, of course, - I haven’t watched him teach.

For me personally, my main motivation for making music is probably to stay sane in an increasingly un-sane world. In order to do that, I try to use the activity of producing music as a focus point in a more general (Buddhist) meditation practice.

Wanting to share the music with others sometimes plays a part as well, but it’s usually a secondary concern. I would probably keep making music even if I was the last person on the planet.


If I’m being honest I could make a cute list of things that get me fired up about music, but my mental health really affects my motivation more than anything.


Nothing motivates me like a deadline. Give me 15 minutes in the morning after I work out but before I have to leave for work and I get more done than I will in 4 hours at night.

Thankfully, once I get a good idea rolling in that 15 minutes, it’ll get stuck in my head all day if it’s really good and I’ll more or less have the thing fleshed out when I get home. I can still get a lot done in a couple hours at night before I pass out. If a track is really good, it gets made in under a week.


good question!
i am a very aware of my surroundings,i am also very sensitive to people around me,and there shit.
so how i feel about whatever subject i am currently exploring or in is usually the motivator for me.
i am very passionate about a lot of yeah no deadlines i need to feel it though.

MIDI and multiple analog/algorithmic synthesequencers is my motivation.

Also, experimenting with multiple sources in order to convey that element of human emotion through machine musick.

Shits fun AF guies.


too much free time and my feels


i knew you were a fucking bot!

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Theres no app for that

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I’m sorry Rixter, I admit I have not been feeling like myself lately. I assure you I feel much better now and I can say very confidently that I am focused on the mission at hand…

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bro it was deadmau5. Not random dude on youtube or video tutorial. Maybe because he is super star and i literally see how he makes music that is what moves me. Thank you for reply.

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my first attempt and why i get in music production was that i saw a music video and it’s inspires me. :smile: but then i didn’t know that it takes soooooo loooooooooonnngggg time. for me. it takes long. And maybe it’s not finished yet. I hope that this is not so.

I don’t care if it is my favorite artist (fwiw I don’t dislike deadmau5), I don’t want to watch anyone work in their DAW.


I get the stream watching stuffs. I used to watch some longer noodling stuff back in the day because I wanted to watch a workflow. I didn’t even know what to ask myself in my projects specifically that really made much sense. So seeing at least how to lay it down-ish was neat. Plus I’d catch things specific to my daw I didn’t even know about. Though I think besides some compositional stuff deadmau5 does like mousing stuff in(if he were to even show it), he probably uses a lot of particular plugins to do everything.

I get motivated probably like many of us. Hear a song that reminds you of a project you have or to start a project because it inspires you in some vein. I think I went through a long hop on and jam phase for a bit recently. Started maybe 50 projects, got bored and moved on. Now a few months later, I’m going back to them and find things I dig compostion-wise, drums, sounds in general and rewriting them. Starting them over but with that foundation.

Having a blast! Maybe spicing up my process or workflow has given me some interesting stuff to pull from. Was even able to save some dead projects(partly) after my computer death in 2018. So that’s been fun too.


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