But BRO…Как вам нравится мой козел?


Доброе утро, всем. Как дела?

I don’t tend to have the same workflow as most other people but my motivation always starts in my noggin when an idea pops in there, notes strung together with synapses. Then using the tool I think would work best for the idea. Most of the time, it doesn’t come from anything that another musician is doing, but rather what they are saying that matters to me. I know how to write a shitty song, it’s easy. A good one, takes planning, thought, time and effort to get the details in between the notes to work well. I ask myself “why is this here?” in almost every section of a track. Not saying I’m jesus or Kanye and my tracks make women swoon and kings fall to their knees, but I am saying that careful planning and a knowledge of what the end result will be is a good motivator to get it right, at least in your own ears. Ymmv of course, its years of creating your own design in how you get to the finish line.