Merry Christmas All!


As there didn’t seem to be anything up.

Merry Christmas! Have a good one!


You too man! Cheers to everyone.


Happy holidays to everyone


Merry Christmas!


merry christmas IDMf
hope you all enjoy the most corrupt holiday of the year :wink:



Ho ho ho…

Merry Christmas BITCHEZ!


Unhappy Christmas and a terrible new year, I hope you all find anger, hatred and bitter disappointment on this most wonderfully melancholy occasion.



cheers to whatever you celebrate…!!!


You know that song? “It’s the most wonderful time … of the year…”

I keep hearing over an over in my head… “It’s the most depressing time … of the year…”

I won’t bore you all to tears as to why… happens every year… doesn’t stop until I stop indulging in my self and start thinking about others.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Happy days all. Best of.



Some explanation of the real message of Christmas



Hope everyone had a good one. :slight_smile:


Isn’t that the guy who wrote How To Be Ultra-Spiritual or whatever it’s called? He’s incredible


i love him! but ive forgotten his name :confused:
havent watched any of his videos for a year or two now. i might have to get up to date


Merry Christmas & May Your Heart Be Filled With Love!

(Yes, it’s sappy, but it’s earnest. I hope everyone enjoys the day.)



Merry Christmas! I hope nothing explodes…


It’s funny, I’ve been in a very thankful mood this Christmas. Thankful for the little things and for having the basics (a full stomach, a warm room to stay in, a job to provide them). All I can feel right now is that I hope you all have that too, and that you can also appreciate it. Merry Christmas ya c*nts.