Merry Christmas All!


The non-discord users didn’t see this. It’s important


Amen to that and merry Xmas to everyone!


Wishing you all a Melancholy Anti-Christmas and an Unhappy New Year!


I am literally excited to eat regular food again and not party junk lol…my poor tum tum couldn’t take another xmas cookie…



It seems that I am fortunate in not spending this season with all the family . I probably have a different view of the cosmos to them in some respects. I also object to all the commercialism and hype that surrounds the time of year while I approve of the charity it reveals in people. I noted that the local white witch in Gosford was proclaiming the Summer Solstice and calling down the blessings of the Sun King on the people. Thank you Madame Luna. It is after all summer in Australia and we are fighting bushfires as usual For the people who follow the traditions of tinsel and all that I hope you enjoyed the festival and the year of 2020 brings your dreams to fruition!