Listening Booth


Really wish we could have some sort rule instilled where you can’t post a song without giving feedback to the last 3 or more posters!

Feel like for years I’ve come around here, and attempted to share, ask for feedback, and so on and rarely get any!

Now granted there’s a few people out there who do check out my stuff, but sheesh sometimes I go for days without a listen or a word! While seeing new threads pop up left and right! This isn’t to say I think my material is good, or even half decent.

I know this may come off whiney or making a fuss to some of you, but it would be really nice to have the LB be used with the basic set of principles it was once founded on.

I think it use to be something like give feedback fro 3 post, before posting? This might of been back in 2011 or before, but yeah… thanks for listening/reading to me moan!


The only problem with that is there is basically no way to enforce it without someone spending a lot of time watching the LB. Trust me, I hear you. I try to make an effort and pop in now and again to comment on posts w/ zero responses. It is an uphill battle against human nature, unfortunately.

I can look into the forum tools to see if there is a way to force people to respond to pre-made threads specifically in the LB before being able to post there, but that would be a one time deal for newbies only. We would probably have to pay for an algorithm that went beyond that and I’m not sure it is even possible.

There was this dude on the old forum I wanted to ban for years because he never did anything post his own shit all over the forum and when someone did give him feedback he got all defensive and told them why they were wrong about their criticism (when often that couldn’t have been further from the truth). He even once whined that, basically, he deserved accolades simply because he made music. Richard Tavers if you are reading this, don’t bother signing up for an account here again!


Oh I remember that muppet!

Yeah paying for someone to write a algorithm for such would be a shame! Sorry can’t say that I studied C#. or any coding language enough to help there!

Too true about the uphill battle. Thinking of maybe also starting some sort’ve

What did you create today?

thread in LB to get pinned. Problem is we’ve always had the genre - artist - title bit rolling, and creating that type of thread in LB would go against the policy.

Any thoughts? (Everyone else please feel free to chime in as well, doesn’t have to be just me and Relic chatting it up! :laughing: )


I second the motion. If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears. Currently I’m kind of taking care of spam and related duties by myself. Having an LB mod or two isn’t out of the question, but I really don’t have time to police strict policies in particular parts of the forum.


Honestly I only leave feedback if I genuinely have something to say or suggest, I’d rather post something meaningful as opposed to “good track” also I’m not a good reviewer nor an authority as to what is good musically

A what did you create today thread is a good idea being that sometimes I make a herp derp track on my days off, I’d rather post those one shot jams that I made on my days off in a thread as opposed to flooding the lb with 20 threads of tracks where I’m just practicising diff sound design techniques


Yeah only problem about the “what did you create today” thread is maybe we need to come up with a set of guidelines for it? or it could be something we redefine as : post snippets in what did you create, or just leave it open to posting sound design, or whatever…

Leaving us more of a option to post actual songs that we are looking for feedback on in other threads in LB. Just throwing out thoughts…


It runs in my mind we had a thread like that at some point on IDMf, though it wasn’t in the LB. It was for super early draft WIPs…stuff that might just be like…a “main loop” or whatever.


Maybe have a WIP sub forum anyway. it’s unusual for a music forum not to have one, and then keep the listening booth for finished stuff.


Then what would be the point of having the members release section?


Not all finished stuff is released, and released to me means put out for people to download/buy. What’s released in your definition?


Finish to me means ready to release it to the world. To let go of. Completed the action or ended the work being done.

I’ve always thought music production worked as a few stages:

Stage 1: Composing/forming the idea.
Stage 2: Recording/tracking/Arranging the sources.
Stage 3: Editing.
Stage 4: Mixing. Critical Listening.
Stage 5: Mastering/Finalizing.

In Film/Entertainment it is usually:
Development/Pre-Production - planning, creative story boards, scouting locations, staging, building sets, gaining $$$$!
Production - shooting, re-shooting, etc.
Post-Production - They bring in material, and actors, we finish up the project. Print it, and send it out to either television stations, distributors, or whatever the client specifies.


The idea of a WIP sub forum is for Say stages 1 to 2, when you need an extra pair of ears on the arrangement itself and sound design etc.

Then the listening booth for stages 4 to 5, when you need an extra pair of ears on the overall mix and master.
Some people are better at giving advice on the latter, and others on the former, so people are often not so comfortable commenting on a say mastering things, as they would be on sound choice and arrangement.
If that makes sense.