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The what did you create today thread in the lb is a great idea I for one am happy about its existence being that the lb won’t be populated with my own threads giving others room… also I try go by the subjective x factor being that I’m no expert…but these days I’m all musiced out being that the overall wonder i had for it, is gone…and I don’t want rain on someone elses parade with my negative thoughts which is why I haven’t been leaving much feedback.


I like the idea of the that thread being around. I remember qianta made the “post a project you started in 20 mins” or something. Was also good.


Feedback is critical, agreed. I try to get into the LB and check out each post, but a lot of the time the genre or concept is outside of my scope of critique, so half the time I’ll just leave some positive vibes or give feedback with regards to the compositional structure and/or make note if something immediately sounds off in the mix.

I suck at giving feedback, it’s hard to not repeat the same thing over and over, and really, my feedback is generally from a standpoint of “what I’d like to hear in this” - which isn’t necessarily right or wrong.



I feel the same most of the time, not sure if I’m hurting the creative process more than helping :wink: Still, it’s always good to get feedback and artists can evaluate it and see if it makes sense for them or not. Writing it as you feel it might help an artist grow.



be the police, i don’t care! yes I post a lot of stuff up in there, sometimes what you may consider is a short span is not to others. thanks for chiming in and trying to troll me though.

what’s that old saying all news is good news? any help is always better than no-one saying anything! I sometimes get on reedit and do the roastmytrack thread, just cause people will not hold back! hell the only way to grow and be stronger is to be able to take the hard times with the good times! if we don’t know what the other side is really living like, how can we say we are informed? or something like truth haha

Thanks everyone for contributing your thoughts, and speaking freely. I truly don’t mean to bash anyone, or wave the hopeless whoa as me no-one is listening to my music flag! Just wanted to open a engaging conversation to understand why, what,when inspires others to give feedback.


Trust me bud, not worth a troll.


Isn’t the purpose of a roast not to give feedback, but to purposefully make a mockery of something at any lengths you can for the purpose of ridicule? Or does that sub actually give legit feedback? (Never looked at it :))


I wouldn’t agree with that, but some many views out there differ, so I won’t touch the definition of “roast”. :laughing:

On that sub it’s :

RULE NUMBER ONE: If you’re going to post, ROAST!

Keep it classy and constructive. Their mother has nothing to do with the production they are sharing. If it’s terrible, be honest. If it’s great, let them know. Tracks will be all over the board

Avoid posting works in progress. We want to hear what you would consider at least CLOSE to public release

DISCLAIMER : It’s up to you to decide if the feedback you receive is warranted. Don’t let it fuck up your artistic freedom