Life Nerf: The R.I.P. Thread


I’d say so.



Shit :frowning:


Nichelle Nichols’ ashes getting sent into space.


Are we finally just that age when all our heroines and heroes die?


Louise Fletcher has died, aged 88. Decent innings but still very sad to see her go. One of the best villains ever. You know she was good because she could make her characters get under your skin without overacting.

She’s probably most famous for One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (for which she won an Oscar) but for me she’ll always be the villainous and manipulative Kai Winn from DS9.


Yeah…though I’ll always remember her for her part in “Brainstorm”, along side Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood…her death scene in that move gave me the chills at the time.

If you haven’t watched in, then it’s worth tracking down…still holds up atfer all these years…plus it was Natalie Wood’s last movie…she drowned off Catalina Island in 1981, while on a yatch with Christopher Walken and her husband of at the time, Robert Wagner.

There’s a whole movie right there in the facts of her death…one that will no doubt be made one day.


Coolio aka kwanza bot from futurama aka made the song gangstas paradise



Yeh, while not a big influence for me, that song is a classic. Rest in peace.


Nerf. There goes Robbie Coltrane.

Tutti frutti old chap, thanks for all the entertainment down the years.


He lived a long life, but it’s still sad news. The end of an era.

Those incredible melodies which have helped Twin Peaks and many other Lynch’s masterpieces be what they are will live on within us until it’s our time to go. Thank you, Angelo. May you rest in peace :heart: