Life Nerf: The R.I.P. Thread


Rest in peace Syd Mead. Produced some wonderful art and was the designer behind several landmark sci-fi films.

“Science fiction is nothing but reality ahead of schedule.”

Loved this guy’s work.


I was legitimately upset to hear this even though he was retired.

Sci-fi wouldn’t be the same without this absolute LEGEND.

drinks up for Mead. :’(


A local musician I was acquainted with just died of cancer of the kidneys. Uber cool old hippie vibes : ( He will be missed.



RIP Kirk Douglas. Bloody good innings though.


Andrew Weatherall.

Found out today he sadly passed away. I went to his Sabresonic nights in London loads back in the day. This really brought things back. Such happy memories from such a sad piece of news.


In many ways that man was a god.


Fred Willard

Just one of those faces that turned up regularly that was a good chuckle whatever he did.


RIP. I really love him in the Christopher Guest flicks. Always a pleasant surprise seeing him turn up in other films too.


He was amazing when he turned up in an episode of Chuck, perfectly played spoof secret agent.


Ian Holm. Decent innings but still sad to see him shuffle off.

Bilbo yeh whatever* but as Ash, oooohh hell yeh. That’s how you play it.

*Still great there though :slight_smile:


I guess in the end he was the one who ate the magazine roll.

RIP. Incredible actor, 88 years is a good stretch.


Ennio Morricone breathed his last. Jolly good innings though, fantastic composer.


D: Wilford Brimley who played Dr Blair in The Thing died recently. Legend


Wakanda forever

:frowning: :frowning:


Dave K unexpectedly passed away in his sleep, aged 60. I had the chance to hang out with him and Nikki Sudden during my London days. He was a very gentle guy, a legendary lush.

RIP Dave - Thanks for the music, the company and the memories. Truly a unique artist, he was.


Looks like everywhere is gonna be playing Jump for the next effing month.

Rest in peace.


A very sad day indeed :cry:



The OG rock virtuoso has left us. VH’s music was so integral to my rock/metal upbrining. Sad times, 65 was too young. Fuck cancer.


Rest in peace Chris Huggett


Resht in peash Mishter Bond.

Good innings though for Sean Connery.