So I am curious…is the label still going? Do you all intend to release solo artist? Won’t take it in any way…but been told otherwise when attempting to release with the label, and if my stuff isn’t good enough for the label that’s fine…just curious if you all are looking for material/new artist/artist to release.

Thanks in advance


Thanks for the inquiry.

Until an official statement is made by @relic, @Auto-meh-geddon or me; IDMf Netlabel is, has been, and will remain active as it has in the past. There aren’t any plans for an official statement in the near future.

In fact, we just recently revised (slightly) and reposted our submission guidelines. You can have a look at them here…

If you have questions you can feel free to post them in that thread or message me. Should you submit anything via the e mail in the guidelines shoot me a PM as well so I don’t miss it.

Currently, we are in the middle of a cooling off period. It would only take the right release, at the right time, to rekindle the flame.


Thanks as well, on my behalf and any other s.o.d ! :+1:t5: :metal:t5:

Solid unit the 3 of you, gave me a bit of smirk reading that! Do hope the advice, a&r, yaddayadaayaddda of whomever else has been involved might still be of avail to you boys.

Think we are all always looking for something to rekindle the flame with this place, and can only hope this message serves as an inspiration for any, and all! big up yuhself, seen?!?!