Cover doesn’t matter if your music sucks. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Sorry for off topic.
But if 3 people need to confirm the cover maybe it is matters.

Also i liked the logo that you uploaded here. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Sorry for off topic.


Thanks man.

It was your feedback that lit a fire to get things organized properly. Shame it took so long to get it all collected here again. Honestly though, it was really great looking through the catalog again and wandering down memory lane with it. Such a rich history there.

All releases are up now and the Netlabel Category has been split in two. One section for official release posts and another for general discussion, like we are having here. I’ve stuck 4 of my favorite releases from the catalog to the top of the release section. Hopefully anyone not familiar with this stuff will check them out.

As for the cover art and artists being too picky…

That hasn’t been my experience. the main issues seem to come from either arguments between those running the label or, oddly enough, the community at large. Although, we haven’t had much of that on either side for a couple years now. My experience with artists is, generally, they’re just happy to have a wider outlet to release work. Hopefully we can get more of that going soon.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback. I’m stoked to have all this back catalog stuff up and running again.


I tried to send you a message but it says “Sorry, ShepherdTony is not accepting messages at the moment.”

I would love to get a link to that Xmas release if it’s not too much trouble! IIRC I had a track (my first “IDMf track”) on that one and I was sad when I realized it was pulled from soundcloud.

Also, thanks to you and the past and current netlabel teams for this discussion and all the work. I believe we can still do a lot here, we still got lots of talent which is only getting more experienced and vintage in a totally exquisite way with old age :wink:


Oh sorry about that, I didn’t realise.
I’ll do it the easier way and upload it and share a link.
I still need to find it first though. Give me over the weekend to sort it out.


Awesome, thank you very much! Looking forward to listening to it again!


No problem, you’re welcome.


whatever it took to light a fire, I’m glad the blaze has been rekindled!

now let’s all work together to support one and other, or just stay out the fvk’n way! we all deserve to be remembered and no offense to jebuschristos, but this community has had soooo many people visit it, help out, and be apart of it! since the bulletin board days, till even now!

we can do this guys/dolls/androids/whatever you go by!!!

more positive ideas, don’t bring that well I don’t have anything to say to help, or otherwise b.s!!! we can all contribute somehow, let’s get it! =) [Don’t like someone music? how about telling em why not? or maybe offer some suggestion to help em develop whatever their going for? Oh the artwork for this and that is not your taste, well tuff tata’s!! How about suggesting some ideas to help encourage that persons art to go in a new direction!!!]

; /endrant