Just a Suggestion...Idmf release in the future: something metal?


I know this is out there just curious being that some metal nowadays is somewhat electronic…i.e drumcorps…and there are some artists like broken note that incorporate metal in their style of music…and some of us are metalheads…so good idea…or bad idea for something metal for the future…also I’m so not suggesting idmf release in the style of Korn vs skrillex or a knife party themed release…just to be clear…the only reason why I’m suggesting this is because how popular the metal thread is on here…so any thoughts…

Edit:any idmfer willing donate some distorted guitar samples or know where we could find some???.. so that we can create a metal sample pack.


suggestion noted



You mean this isn’t instrumental death metal forums?


I’d be down. I’ve been wanting to do something heavier lately.


Could do something like Doom 2016 OST


could a mod move this to the Netlabel section please? @Roo_Stercogburn, @Auto-meh-geddon, @relic, @RFJ?

I am with WN that this sounds like a cool idea, so let us keep this thread open to gather ideas and raise some interest. :beers::metal:


Done :slight_smile:


Thanks @Roo_Stercogburn , but I should have specified…I meant the public Netlabel section. :sweat_smile:


Something along these lines has been kicked around behind the curtains, but we weren’t certain when to pull the cord and let it rip, or if there would be interest.

Duly noted that interest exists. :slight_smile:



Yes, something futuristic industrial something something would totally be up a lot of people’s alleys, for sure.


Its RPG night. I’m only half here. Arguably thats more than usual but still :smiley:


I guess we would have to find guitar samples or hopefully someone from idmf could donate some or
maybe get in touch with an active indie metal band and see if they’d like to donate some samples to help create a metal sample pack for us to remix and ask them to guest judge??? or something…
I would so Shoegaze breakcore idm glitch djent…all over this if it comes to fruition.


With certain synth patches and good distortion its hard to tell the difference :smiley:


I’ll donate plenty of drop C cleans. I also wouldn’t mind pre-effecting stuff for people who feel uncomfortable handling the guitars, but I also wouldn’t want to make everybody feel like they’re collaborating on my tracks. Maybe a combination of the two methods could work?

Also I’m hoping to just be one of many donators here, obviously.


Might get out my bass guitar and drop some Industrial sludge…


So I’m curious how this would work out for someone like myself who can’t even get a Kontakt guitar instrument to sound decent. Not that every IDMf comp has to be for everyone. Collab yes, but I’m not too keen on collabs usually.


TBH, we were thinking colab. This would help pool resources for folks in your boat. Some who play could play over a track of others, or those who are better at sample editing could team up with someone who isn’t.

Actually, it was a bit more involved than that, but that’s another story.

At any rate colab would help, I think.



This is correct. You can apply amp/cab sims to something like piano or some plucked sound you made in a softsynth and it will sound like electric guitar, more or less. Unless you’re looking to shred a lot and be more technical this at least can provide some single-note basic juntz-juntz’s. Sometimes it’s all you need for some hybrid-electro-metal-thing.


Aye, style of play becomes the issue more than making the sound itself.


You can even get away with just a distortion effect with something resembling a cab. Using a piano or a pluck as @_ms noted can really get some into the spirit of this who normally aren’t used to processing this way.

Plus, a lot of DAWs ship with these native effect now which means you probably already have them!