Just a Suggestion...Idmf release in the future: something metal?


Does this have to be a community release?
There might be some artists on here (none come to mind though) who might be interested in an EP or something like that


No i guess it doesnt have to be a community release…but on the other hand I would definitely like to try to do a hybrid metal/electronic remix


I don’t see it not hitting the netlabel since we literally already had this project sitting on the books since the first quarter of this year.



Effects are going to play a massive part in this, as well as your initial sound source.
The below was a 30 mins fiddling around on the MPC, using the Electric Piano plugin as source for the bass sound with a few effects.

This could already be a semi solid start to a track.
Ps: don’t miss the weird and unwanted effect at the end when I switch to an empty pattern.