Just a consideration

I’m thinking about dedicating a lot more of my time to potentially becoming part of the admin team, helping the direction of the site.

Everyone’s opinion is welcome, good or bad. Let me know what you guys think.

Feel free to tell me to fuck off :slight_smile:

I really hate this but, whatever…

I’m just stopping your video real quick to say sure I’m not Johnny in the spot with replying to PM’s but I recieved the remixes 16 days ago according to my records so I don’t know what you guys expect. I did listen to them and thought most were great.

Sure I could have done something with it faster but at the same time I have other stuff I’m working on and listening to in my free time.

The forum literally died right in the middle of the Metaside release. So we had that to contend with while at the same time trying to be mindful of the release schedule going forward.

This really isn’t the way to go about getting something released by the way. Just so you know. The rest of the team has access to the remixes. If they want to put it out they have my blessing but I’m out on that one as of now.

I’ve put out a release a month basically since 049 by the way. Artwork, blurb, release page, everything. If you want something out organize it and submit it through the e mail. What’s so hard about that?!?!


Also check the spelling in your video title by the way. Minor details, very important.

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Now I’m just losing it…

Make me an admin and I’ll donate money.

Fuck off dude.

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Not at all what I meant. You must have missed my post on the old forums regarding that. I’ll post an updated response tomorrow, sorry you got so upset over it dude. Not my intention.

Like I said, anyone is free to tell me to fuck off, so no biggie :slight_smile: I’ll provide a better response later.

Cheers dude


Okay so I apologize for the fuck of bit. Rash statement for sure. It’s easy to act that way on the internet and I shouldn’t have. I’m going to be 40 in two weeks, I should know better.

I haven’t even finished the video. Still have 7 or so min left to go.

I guess what I’ll say is I honestly don’t understand why organizing something and submitting it doesn’t work. Could I be more involved? Sure. Do I have limited “bandwidth?” Absolutely. You’re right I don’t have the time to put in all the man hours to do what you are talking about. Would it benefit the label if someone could? Sure.

I’m also kind of under the opinion here that the forums reach will never again be beyond it’s own community. I’ve been involved in many projects, on the forum and off, when the forum was booming and when it was not. This is my opinion based upon what I’ve seen before. It’s probably not great for the label that the guy putting most of the shit out is so defeatist.

Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the tone earlier.


IDMf drama?


withdrew my statement, just want to say …

i guess that’s 1 way to apply for a job…

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Dude, you have to go for mod first. Way to be so brash :rofl:

Heh, I hate that I kind of expected something like this at some point. Against it entirely obviously.

I’d like to think I’d have some input on this but I don’t the only thing I’ve contributed in the past is some artwork, and some semi helpful production advice in effort to replace some of the knowledge lost due to the old forum going down I tried my best but I’m nowhere near evelon and I’m like fifty times more of asshole, disregarding my obscene shitposting…i’ll just keep my mouth shut and let others chime in

I didn’t anticpiate offering time and resources towards this community would bet met with such vitriol. I only ever had a burning passion to try and help build and contribute to this place.

I’m not sure why I have an allegiance to this corner of the internet, but I felt like I could have given a fair amount of dedication to help be a conduit between the community and the near barren presence of mods (minus relic and auto). I made this public for a reason, and the initial response I’ve seen is I can basically get fucked, which is totally fine. I made this as an open consideration with that verdict in mind.

So fuck off I shall. Cheers guys.

i only speak for myself being that i’m just a guest here, but whatever you decide to do good luck

Of course, reflecting back on it, I shouldn’t have ever made this post. I came off as a total dick. I apologize to the community, and of course, leadership.

Mods @relic, @Auto-meh-geddon, @RFJ, if you guys don’t mind… maybe we can just delete this whole thread.

Regardless, I’m not going anywhere :slight_smile:


Fuck that. This is the most idmf thing to happen at idmf since idmf came back from the big idmf crash. I say keep it and let it get buried with the rest of the debris. We’ll all get a big laugh at it over cigars and thai hookers in a couple years.


Yeah, I vote I’m game for it. Won’t be the first or last of IDMf drama, but definitely the first time I’ve spurred really any on the new forum. I guess I’ll take that as a badge of honor and move on.

also, I definitely like thai hookers so, maybe I’ll hook them up for everyone as recompense for my dickishness


this shit is hilarious! or I’m just old

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I think we all love a bit of IDMf drama, haha, I’m glad we can laugh at it :slight_smile:

Not any other group I’d rather get pelted with by rotten vegetables, if i’m honest

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Man, despite the rabid reaction, I don’t think anyone who didn’t think you were a dick before this thread thinks you’re one now. I certainly don’t. You’re eager, you want to help. and you made a total cock up of trying to offer that help. Shit happens, shit gets cleaned up, and the music goes on. We’re way too tight knit not to rub each other wrong from time to time. No harm, no foul.

I mean this in the nicest of ways, but in the grand scheme of idmf drama, this is barely a blip on the radar. :smiley:


Totally agree, and you’re right - barely a blip. IDMf wouldn’t be what it is without a bunch of us dicks speaking up and giving some good shenanigans for the community to get up in arms about. Glad you feel that way, It’s honestly impossible to have a forum of music producers without contrasting opinions. It’s what leads to us providing such a diverse and unique palette of tunes. I appreciate your input on this @Artificer, Cheers

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