Info for Making Music via databending for a project


how is everyone’s progress…


None to report sir! I will get to it soon. :grin:


@everyone two weeks to go…good luck.!!! :slight_smile:


Hahaha. I think there are 5% chances that i will do it. Have some work unfinished, new in plan, always running out of fucking time


Due to life circumstances I cannot oversee this competition…and tbh I have no interest in extending the deadline…so if anyone wants to take it over…or maybe recycle this thing into a future idmf project be my guest…being that I’m not the ideal type of person to oversee this…and also because I have too much going on in my life…at the moment.


Bummer BFK, sorry to hear that. I am going to get working on my sub today. I suggest we leave the deadline as you said (though I personally am against a wall now. :smiley: ) but leave out the “competition” part. We should just enjoy what we all make out of this and leave it at that. my 2c.


ok cool


I am finishing up my track now…anyone else submitting?


K, here it is, such as it is. :slight_smile: For this track I only used databent audio files. I bent two images, shown below, and made several raw imports into Audicity of them to get a bit of variation, and exported those tracks. Into Bitwig they went, where a dash of Blackhole and some freq modulation courtesy of Echobode were applied, as well as a good dose of EQ to shave these audio-bastards into usable signals. The result was, well, industrial drone? Motor noise? Dunno, but is it not ear-killing to listen to. This was a fun project, thanks BFK for the inspiration!

(I believe these are the two pics. the top one for sure. I made a lot of pics. :slight_smile: )


@bfk I had an idea in the works for one of these types of things and I’d love to pull databending into it since you introduced a lot of us to this idea. I’d actually love to see a whole slew of databending varients happening here because there’s potentially a lot you can do with the randomness it brings


Like I said feel free to make it a bb or an idmf thingamagig…as for me I am the opposite of king midas apparently…


Man I feel you, getting ideas off the ground can be hard, and then life happens on top of that. But fret not, this was a really cool idea, I for one had fun working on it, and I am sure it will inspire some future works here. It will certainly change my cover-art game, as I am having too much fun bending images to stop. :beers:


If people still wanna have a go at this feel free to post your databending turned into a track…


I like the main groove there creepo


Official QAWM : Databending into music (open genre) deadline march 31st 2022

I have no idea how this works but I’m interested. I have no idea but I’d give it a whirl. Don’t expect much.


Wait. This seems super old.


It is. But hey you can always post the databending experiment in the lb.


I’ve still got my eyes on this thread, if that counts. Old or not, new experiments won’t go unnoticed!

Also, I’ve been doing a lot of image glitching but since it’s more in the pixel sorting / manipulation category I’ve been hesitant to put it in a thread specifically about databending. With that said, I’d still like to come back to databending itself because it’s a true hands-off approach and offers a different feel altogether


using Databending in music…im thinking another album writing month focusing on databending.