Official QAWM : Databending into music (open genre) deadline march 31st 2022

Hey @everyone look a qawm…

This qawm is about incorporating databending into music…all genres are welcome. :slight_smile:

Databending is manuiplation of a file…its used to make art.

For this qawm the goal is to databend an audio file or any file…turn it into audio and incorporate it into/turn it into music by resampling or by other means.
You can make singles a small ep or whatever.

The goal for qawm is to make as many tracks as you can…i made it a little longer than a month because we all have lives and february is a short month…so have fun.

Also for those who are like how do you databend…

The most common method of databending is to use a hexadecimal editor and change the hexadecimal values in a file or by reorganizing the hexadecimal sequence by random cut and pasting. You can also use notepad++ to do something similar.
And you can use audacity to import and export the raw data thereby converting the databent file into audio.

There are other methods to databend but those i mentioned are the most common…

Refer to the post linked below for more info…

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If this were general glitching (code / nodes) I’d be all in. Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with though!

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Sounds like a cool project! I never tried this for audio, but I did try it for graphical 2D stuff. Have to confess that my results were horrible, like 1/3 of the time I couldn’t even open the files (.PNG almost never worked, using .JPG and .BMP was a bit more successful, but still failed often), 1/3 was just minimal changes and 1/3 was completely glitched into something unrecognizable… Have to try it again at some point…

Looking forward to the results here!

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A few more days left.

Ok then no subs yet???

Alright i tried oh well.