Image Glitching Challenge / Bonanza


OK, I’ve been wracking my brain in order to figure out how to do this with the least-amount of steps and I think I finally figured it out:

Take this image (or any image, just post a reference so we can see what you did):

And make it GL!TCH

Alright, that’s it. GL, HF.

JK, deadline is September 19th. I’ll be putting my scripts and snippets up for others to use, too, so no fancy program is required. Anyone else is free to do the same!

All of my nerd shit will be hidden with spoilers so if you’d rather just use PS, GIMP or something else to do your editing you won’t have to be bothered by random ass stuff popping up

Nerd shit right here

Get my script // Get processing (+ top right corner, install Python mode and drag the image into the window)

S saves your image
F inverts the current pixels
Left bracket makes the image smaller
Right bracket makes the image bigger
Mouse paints
Ctrl/Cmd + K reveals your saved file folder

Anybody wanna do something new for the label?

Ill bust out my hexa decimal editor and note pad…

Copy pasta+ value change + photoshop.


Grab dat


Do you basically just corrupt the data manually? That sounds awesome


Yup…it takes some trial and error…

I corrupt the data manually and save the image in ms paint…then i photoshop.


This is Photoshop…didnt do any manual hex editing corruption though…

I call it

Broken rainbow glass


This is awesome! Was it brushwork?

2 days left on the challenge, but lately we’ve been doing stuff past the deadline anyway so I’ll probably still throw some stuff at the wall in here and share some snippets if anyone else wants to give them a try



Make it an ongoing thing…where people just share their glitch art.:slightly_smiling_face:


The wand tool…selecting pixels. And rearranging the pixel selections… and then copy paste different layers…

Also played with the contrast, and the color tones…

Added some noise and scanline fx.

I like your derivative better than what i made.


New twist: from now on, anything that gets posted in here will be remixed :smiley:



Made a little cropper tool with a twist (literally, you can just rotate the image and smear it!)