IdmfImdb The thread formerly known as that thread


yeah you, dick-dock, you hot-snot twat-slot. give me your best shot, tough guy.

think you can hurt my feelings, buncha circle jerking knob-wagons?

go on. try it. call me something. I dare you.

I know a dude who calls people “dildos” all the time. steak and potato name-calling right there.

the mountain from game of thrones, I love the way he says “twat”.

enough soggy pillow talk you trout sniffers. call me something creative or soul-crushing in as few words as possible – heinously disgusting or loose dr. seuss caboose juice style is welcomed too – and I swear to god I will shamelessly delete this thread in three weeks when I remember I posted it, then I’ll cut the ropes on all the recess tetherballs.

stick it right in your stench trench, you ziplocked freezer-burned fetus. i’ll grope your nope-slope.


dear diary,

fid hurt my feelings and I had to listen to some carly simon, it was a bad day today, i cried




None of you are worth my time. Mic drop


This place has been dead going on 2 years now.




What not many people here realize: this place is alive. But you are all dead. :smiley:



Fid, the name I want to call you got the last dude banned from discord so I won’t even go there girlfriend



The discord doesn’t count.


The discord is alive, but braindead ^^


You take that back! This is high quality theater.


Theres 2 minutes of my life i’ll never get back!


slap a dog dong bake face bang gang


I’d love to ban all the posters in this thread, but most of them are mods or admins.
So I’ll just inform you that as I type this I’m sitting on the toilet.




You can’t shit can us from the shitter…check the by-laws


I’m getting flashbacks of heavy, passive aggressive shaming.


So glad I decided not to participate in this thread…


Best thread we’ve had all year.