IdmfImdb The thread formerly known as that thread


Fidelium, installed from above, by the powers that be, as a certified Techno Philosopher, is a flat-headed, insipid, nauseating, illiterate charlatan, who reaches the pinnacle of audacity in scribbling together and dishing up the craziest mystifying nonsense. This nonsense has been noisily proclaimed as immortal wisdom by mercenary followers and readily accepted as such by all fools, who thus join into as perfect a chorus of admiration as have ever been heard before. The extensive field of spiritual influence with which Fidelium has been furnished by those in power has enabled him to achieve the intellectual corruption of a whole generation.



is a flat-earther




Only when you’re there, maybe ?

You lost that argument, btw.

Please feel free to come back and lecture me on how the statement “Plants grow in soil” is on the “same level” as “Fuck your cousin.”


This thread should be a wiki :stuck_out_tongue:


Whatever makes you happy. Have fun over there.


you aren’t the brain dead in that wall of text.


Just think of what I should derive from what you just said.

Get the FUCK OFF your high horse.

You bitch about people taking sides yet you’re the one running away when someone tries to meet in the middle where an actual discussion can take place without shit turning into hyperbole tennis.

You said
" i applaud everybody who is not taking sides or who is taking sides and is talking about the BS in his own team…"

…were you quoting someone else?


Look, thom, i actually enjoyed some of our discussions before, but I don’t think this has any point anymore. I doubt you are actually interested in communicating with me, but instead you always bring up some form of talking points and want me to react to it in some form. It doesn’t really interest me to discuss that. And I’m not planning to join the IDMf discord again at this time, not as a statement on whatever it has become but just because I don’t see it as a good investment of my time anymore.


And what IF I was interested in communicating with you?
What if I was not just trying to trigger you.

You’re wrong. And YOU are the one who trashed the conversation by saying some shit to trigger me. And you fucking know it you goddamn hypocrite. I was going to bring you back in a rational place so we could continue talking…

But you… you put up a wall of presumptions and shield yourself from having any discussion worth having. And you just piss off like a coward.

" 3M-4TToday at 1:20 PM

but good luck getting to a deeper understanding of ideological polarization"

Oh I think we all have a good example of how it can happen.


That would be nice. Didn’t feel like it but thanks if it was the case.

Might be true for sure, but we don’t have reliable measures of polarization before and after.


I’m done acting like an fugazi intellectual jerkoff on the internet…

I say this but the truth is I’ll most likely shitpost tomorrow

The Vicious cycle…it continuez


If I were to show my time on the discord it would be basically a bunch of random LARPing. Where shit can go overboard. LARP an old librarian all you want. That’s cool. Don’t bring race into the picture because you’re a fucktard and poorly creative. We have members of all ethnicities you fucking dweebs. You want that to be anyone’s first experience in an IM experience? Fuck off.

So…Fuck the Discord and sure as fuck don’t label it after the forum where shit like that wouldn’t be tolerated. Take that shit to some other discord. Maybe one labeled dip shit.

And by the way…Discussing social / racial issues is different than outright being a racist fuck.

EDIT - And you can edit this out if warranted but the discord needs some attention. Like more mods or explode that shit like the plague.


goddamn I am so hard right now


Me too! and i didn’t need a blue pill,you sexy beast.
(munches popcorn)


Talk about polarizing. Any of you boys want to jump on my pole?


Never liked them.


At this point you have my blessing and at any rate we’re dead anyway.

Do it.