IDMf0XX: Date Night: Submission Open. Deadline 01/04/2019


To be fair, a lot of us have multiple submissions XD orgy mode activated


Short is good. People have too much ADHD to listen past song 10 anyways.


So about the cover…how does one submit such a thing? Same email address? Any standards and/or starter kit stuffs like some IDMF icons or preferred fonts etc? Or are you just looking for artwork, not a whole cover? Forgive please if I missed this somewhere.


Relic was awesome enough to host a new thread for this!

We’re going to just post them in there, collect them, and create a poll to vote.

All standards are outlined in that thread <3


fair enough, missed that “below the fold” when skimming. I.E. I was too fucking lazy to use my scroll wheel. Thanks for the heads up.


Like any deadline extension, that always means I’ll wait out any available time to get something polished and complete… but… should get my two submissions in this weekend :wink: I’ve set aside some time.

When is anything actually “done” anyways?! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well it took me until the NEW deadline but I sub’d me and meta’s track :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to getting the new subs downloaded and a quick listen tonight. Then a final check tomorrow morning in case anyone chimes in from the middle of the pacific…


A L R I G H T Y then:

So all the subs are officially submitted. We have determined there will be enough tracks to do a community vote, which will occur in a new thread to be posted soon.

In the meantime, if any of you have a specific way you want the track artist names to be listed, PM any team member or post here and we can keep it straight with the track tags.


“artist a X artist b - track”, or vice versa, who comes first, does it matter? let us know and we will update it when the voting playlist and thread goes live. If not, we’ll just go alphabetical first name X second name.

Cheers everyone, awesome work.


how many submissions were there?


I believe, last I saw, somewhere around few over a dozen or so.
A good amount. :smiley:



How many tracks are you all thinking of cutting it down to then, 10? FWIW it would be nice if some weight were given to style variety and artist representation. just my 2c.


I’m not sure. I see a couple directions the album could end up taking with the material we have and I think what we’re going to do exactly is going to be determined by how the votes fall. If everything goes to one or two tracks, then maybe the album should be focused on supporting those tracks. If a lot of tracks of the same style get votes, maybe we cut tracks that don’t fit that style. That’s just the way I see it going, but I don’t speak for the whole team.


I thought the whole concept of this album was to get producers together to make new things, so I hope to see variety in it and a lot of representation of members. That seems to me more in the spirit of the concept than say only using DnB related tracks because there is a super hot DnB track that got the most votes or something. But either way, making our track was fun, and I would do it again. :slight_smile: Even if it does not end up on this release I am proud of the effort.


So for the voting, is the album being released and then we get to hear songs and vote, OR are the songs being posted here (a mini-release) and then we vote and then the album gets released, OR are you post posting small clips of the songs on which we can vote and then the album will be released?

If the whole community is able to listen to the songs pre-release – will there be any reason for people to listen to the album, now with less songs, afterwards?


All of the songs that will be on the voting poll will be mixdowns, and unmastered - so in that sense, I still feel like a full release is still something everyone would want to listen to in terms of quality.

I’ve mentioned allowing the previews to only be 1 minute segments, with those being voted on, but I’m not sure if that’s fair game.

This is a community event after all, what do you guys think we should do? We are here to serve :stuck_out_tongue: Good input @Goatbag


I think it’s worth remembering that in philosophy, releases are not held as IDMF audience exclusive.

If everyone here hears the whole list of tracks, people outside of IDMF who catch the release in distribution did not. :wink:



@Jayson I see you point, but I also agree with @Goatbag, as these releases, at least in the fairly recent past, were not particularly well promoted and did have a “mostly for us” feel. There were some interesting discussions on that topic in the old forum. That is something I would like to see the label work on in the future for sure: getting our hard work heard by a wider audience. So with that in mind, I have no problem personally with a full track vote, or a 30 second clip vote, or whatever.

Interesting side question/idea: Are the tracks going to be anonymous when voted on? Doing so would be a good way to make sure the focus is on the music, not the musicians.


The polling will be totally anon, for sure. :slight_smile:


We haven’t opened a topic to lay out our 5,000 foot level plan (mostly because we haven’t finished that officially, but it’ll be finalized in the near future), so I don’t want to really get into this all here, but I will say that we are working on broadening the distribution and networking horizon.

I don’t want to hijack this thread for this topic, however, so if possible I’d like to hold off until we crack that official topic on the matter in the next few weeks. :slight_smile: