IDMf0XX: Date Night: Submission Open. Deadline 01/04/2019


i thought it was a open thing as well, but with the change of hands think everything changed with it.


It will be community voting.

Our working policy is to not change any positions or directions regarding releases already in progress when we stepped in.



I got the two I have a direct hand in submitted a few hours ago. Fingers crossed some stems I sent out find their way back changed for the better by their new owner.




Just got back from a trip, about to polish and sub me and @metaside track. Looking forward to hearing everyone’s jams!!


So how does that work? You gonna post up the tracks for voting?


Something like that would be needed, but the first litmus test for the community voting is actually substantial volume of submissions.

It would be pretty silly to vote on which tracks get on the release if there’s just barely enough songs to comprise a full album in the first place, yeah? :wink:



Oh no sir. You post them! You doooit!


I haven’t submitted, but I’m super confused here. All the submissions are being posted to the forum prior to the album release for us to listen to?


It was decided somewhere in the beginning this would be an open judging process for the submissions.



Ok so here’s two things to address.

  1. We are extending the deadline to April 1st. No this is not an april fools joke, we are launching Vlantis’ album tomorrow, and the team has determined we need to be more focused on that than we expected. We’re still learning and it turns out that having a submissions window close and an album coming out the same week is a bit much for us, so you guys get an extension.

The submissions should be sent to

  1. With the voting procedure, we are still open to allowing a community vote - but currently we do not have a submission volume we deem apropos for voting. There are a couple new releases we have behind the scenes in the works that we feel voting would be much more applicable for (and probably more fun, as well). As it stands we have around 10 submissions so far, and as we are looking to release this as a full length album and not an EP, cutting down a few tracks and leaving only a handful at this point doesn’t seem like a particularly sound route to go.

In retrospect, having a compilation where two artists are creating a single track should have been a flag to realize that this might not give as many submissions as we thought, however, with the extension, if enough new submissions come in we will still hold true to the original idea of having a vote for winning tracks.

-and sorry for all the edits on this, I accidentally submitted this post when it was half-written. Time for more coffee. haha.

Thanks for all your hard work and patience guys! :beers:



So are you saying, unless you get some more submissions, this is a wash or pushed back even more?

And thanks for the update.


Oh no not at all! - What I am saying is that if we get enough submissions within the 1 week extension span, we will open it to community voting, otherwise, we will go ahead with the release as per normal standard operating procedure.

The submission window will not get pushed passed the final date of April 1st. This date is absolutely final, so we have enough time in post-production to get it ready for launch.

After going through the submissions personally, I can say honestly that this event has been ANYTHING but a wash! This being said, we will still likely hold a vote for artwork choice, and as there hasn’t been many submissions for art yet - this one week extension will also allow for some more time in that regard.


Glad I could lend a hand in potentially making this release stronger, even if it’s indirect. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah ok. Only curious. Hopefully more people sub or there is enough to do something with overall.

Thanks for the update.


Currently there’s 10 tracks submitted :wink: :beers:

Quite enough to do something with !


Yeah, definitely want everyone clear that our concern is that the quality of these are so good, that unless there’s a large pile, it would seem a waste to leave any on the cutting room floor just so that we could have a community vote.



Ah, maybe that was my confusion. You didnt think the vote would be necessary to have, just to have one.



The special compis are always a bit shorter - the 1SYN thingy only had 7 tracks IIRC. 10 tracks is not bad at all imho!


Nothing wrong with making cuts. Some of the best IDMf releases are really short. Ten tracks (so far) is pretty impressive considering the nature of the project!