IDMf0XX: Date Night: Submission Open. Deadline 01/04/2019


My remix of @nose has been submitted! :smiley:
Cheers to everyone involved in this comp, can’t wait to hear it!


Just about finished with our collab tracks. We wIll have ours submitted on or by 3/25.


My Xi Tau remix is nearly done, I think.


Ours was done last week. I should really get off my lazy arse and submit it.

Maybe just one more ginger nut with this coffee before I do so.


Actually, where do we send this shit? Is it the normal IDMf submission? I didn’t see info at top of thread like there usually is.




Subbed, cc’d to TvMcC for reference.

I’m all out of ginger nuts. Life’s a bastard sometimes.


almost finished this relic track!


Waiting on Valk and Troll, but sorry if I don’t get the other 2 submissions in. Been a blast, and thanks all.


Happy to report the collabs with @ConfusedMuse & @Qianta have been submitted. I’m impressed by the other subs I have had the chance and pleasure to listen to - this is going to get really interesting!


I need to get off my lazy ass and sub the track relic and I did!


I may or may not have been doing my remix in a totally foul key. Rebooting from square one-ish, I think. Stuff got way out of hand, lol.

It was sounding good in parts but then there were parts where it wasn’t, at all.


I just need to render one of mine, waiting for stems to do final mixdown on the other.


Two days left!! <3 already seeing some awesome subs :slight_smile:


Subbed hope the team gets it no problems.

Edit: good luck everyone, looking forward to the end results.


Yea I can’t wait to hear what everyone, from collab to remix, has been cooking. I just can’t seem to stop touching mine like my parents left me alone with the internet or VHS player, depending on age…:hugs:




Yay! I finished my remix for Xi Tau. Super excited.


So what was the process for this? Is it being judged privately or didnt I see this being openly judged?


gonna submit mine tomorrow, being mixing it tonight but im shattered. gonna get some sleep and have another bash at it