IDMf0XX: Date Night: Submission Open. Deadline 01/04/2019


Hey guys, I’m back. :slight_smile: More or less. Don’t have much time for music lately. The collabo project is a nice idea! Metaside already reached out to me - we’re on it. (almost had written Meatside instead of Metaside. lol Not a bad name as well)


sent over some stems to bbb few days ago, if anyone else is interested gimme a shout!
also ive been chipping away at a track relic sent me, hopefully will be getting that finished soon. been pretty busy with uni tho recently


It is that time of the semester! Mid terms coming up I imagine.


Gonna change it to Metameat one of these days ^^


It’s all about making a good song. :wink: It’ll happen soon (but not in time for the deadline).



So before the other posts get buried - one clear point to make

All submissions already announced will be loved and appreciated by anyone including artists that are not forum members - exclusive to this release, as it’s all about new dates, new hearts, and new collabs.

From this point on I think everyone has seen who is available and what tracks can happen, so I won’t be updating and keeping a public list from here on out. Once voting starts, the final track submissions will be available for everyone to hear and poll in on :slight_smile:


I have a few dates at the moment. Both in the initial stages. One with Jazzy and another with Xi Tau.

Running low on time at this point but liking both of the projects so far, with the bit of time I’ve spent so far.

Edit - My old artist name was Bx3 but I think I have a few things under Cyber X, which I use now.


So where do we send in our tracks?
24 44.1 work?


Wondering the same.
Also, the usual -5db headroom?


It’s usually -6db at the highest point in the track and 24 44.1 And as nothing has been said to the contrary, I would stick to that.


-6db it is. Other than doing the mixdown, my submission is finished. Once we know where to send tracks, I’ll have mine ready to go.


I don’t want to speak out of turn, but the ME for the netlabel hasn’t changed even though the team members shifted recently and he is used to -6db 24 44.1 I’m sure MORE headroom wouldn’t be a problem.


Indeed, I can always compress extra headroom away ITB without adding appreciably to the noise floor, but if it comes in too hot I bitshift it down and that decimates the least significant bit. Not something I think anybody notices (I’ve probably done it to 1/3 of the tracks I’ve mastered, and I couldn’t tell you which is which), but do you really want to be the guy with 23 bits instead of 24?

24 bits is essential, and more is always appreciated. I have no problem taking 32 bit audio as well, which is a bit better in theory because you don’t need to worry about dither on your end.:

I think @nose can tell you guys where to submit your tracks for this if you’re ready.



Please send submissions to
The Submission Policy is still in effect (and has been updated with the new address and I added the extra info about bit and khz).
IDMf Netlabel Demo Submission Policy



3rd session on mine. Stoner acid chillout, stems from tvmcc. Kept the stems mostly intact, just done musics around them. Good fun.

-6db, 24bit

This will definitely be ready to submit on time. Still got 2 weeks for OCD tweakery.


I don’t want to be the guy with 23 bits : ( my bits are small enough thanks


Just tuning in to let y’all know I’m keeping close tabs on this event - and it seems like some of your tracks are coming along nicely, with a handful of them done already.

I can already tell that this release is going to be fucking epic!!

I give a humble thanks to every single one of you for holding through with this oddly organized event, the change of hands, and how much interest and excitement you all have shown towards it.

I’m stoked about it!! <3


Alright boys, 7 days left until the submission deadline! Hows everyone’s dates shaping up? :slight_smile:


I think both the ones I’m working on are gonna make the deadline, and I think at least one of them will be pretty good.


Awesome. The two I’m involved with are almost ready as well. Excited to hear your tunes :slight_smile:

I still might be able to crack into one or two more before the deadline… I hope… I’ll see.