IDMf0XX: Date Night: Submission Open. Deadline 01/04/2019


I will be doing one with eOnic, and my niece may possibly squeeze some vocals in there. Was going to submit another with eOnic if that is allowed. Also revamping my ‘Screaming in Silence’ project with another buddy. That may also make the deadline but we just discussed starting it back up this weekend, so time is short


This is probably too late for most but I’d be up for a short-notice something, either giving stems or receiving.


We originally discussed rules of having any number of artist’s tracks that were with different partners - and because your other track has vocals, I don’t see there being an issue with submitting it! Although with your “Screaming in Silence” project, if it’s not an IDMf artist collaboration with another IDMf artist, I don’t think that will meet the guidelines. Ideally it would be awesome to tag and feature community members to be as congruent as possible with the “date night” theme.

Maybe your other buddy would be interested in joining IDMf? :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:


city at worlds end X Metaside (almost done!)
XVF X city at worlds end (done!)
Jazzyspoon X Vlantis (?)
White Noise X Creepr (confirmed I think)
HypnoticImplant (Cherry Convoy) X city at worlds end (not started yet)
metaside X Qianta (almost done!)
jbvdb493 X relic (in mastering!)
Jazzyspoon X (unknown)
relic X XiTau (?)
Erysys (aka Aetheros) X city at worlds end (almost done!)
bbb X (unknown)
TheTeknomage X relic (confirmed)
TvMcC X city at worlds end (could happen!)
XiTau (might be open to another?)
jbvdb493 X valk (Unknown)
Confused Muse X Metaside (Still Possible)
ReWIR3D X eOnic (In Production) ft. session vocals
ReWIR3D X e0nic (Needs to Submit)
Roo_Stercogburn X (?)

Single users who need a date (hit these dudes up!) : @bbb @XiTau (might be open to a 2nd) @Roo_Stercogburn @Jazzyspoon


I demand Roo x Jazzy collab! <3


I see nowhere saying in any rules it has to be two artist from IDMf lol. Doesn’t matter, we probably wouldn’t make the deadline but not once was that mentioned. Not going to try to recruit people to a forum for a comp. Also eOnic is not a current member, just saying.


Sorry man, this project changed hands and you’re right, it doesn’t state that.

That being said, im all up for more diversity, so since it wasn’t ruled out if you manage to meet the deadline shoot it in. The only thing I ask is if it is possible to use the Screaming in Silence X (artist name) somehow? Ideally keeping the same (Artist X Artist) title motif.


Just FYI, I think Confused Muse is currently not a member here, but he was a bit active on the old forum and had one release on the netlabel with our Tinnitus of Science project and an artist tag ^^ (I hope he will come back but I think he’s not really active in forums these days)


Well, community compilations have always been forum members only. I know this one was slightly different, but that has always kind of been the unspoken rule.


I wasn’t aware. Is he at least a former member? I should really leave this to the new Netlabel team lol.


Not going to happen in time for release.


I am currently doing a collab with TvMcC and BBB separately (artist names?).


@nose does a duo have to tell you in advance that they are trying to submit something?


Oh no! @bbb…head for the hills! We’ve been outed!


Not to jump over @nose

We’ll get back to you on that down the road. :wink:
ATM, we’re trying to ride the trains in motion to the depot.



Cool no worries, I was just curious as a general question because @nose was kind of publicly cataloging the list of who was collabing and how far along they were…I don’t have any secret collabs planned personally haha


All good.
I think the current plan is to try to play it by ear and try to honor things as best and cordially as possible to just try to get a smooth run.



In retrospect I probably should have made some preface to posting an unofficial list, so, I apologise for the probably off-beat hosting method :X

As it stands, the list I’ve been maintaining and posting is for organization and loose tracking. Purely casual. Since this is all a collaborative style event, i thought it might be informative and motivating to keep at least the confirmed collabs public, somewhat

It’s a good way to track interested artists who haven’t found a collab partner, and who might be able to commit and exchange stems with a collab partner. All members can see the current hookups and who might be open to another track.



Not at all, private links are always the bomb. This list is for community purposes and hooking up dates. :coffin:


Started on one last night based on stems from TVMCACDCMvCMCTVMMtMcscs… er, Bob.

Structure-wise complete, main components in. Mixing, EQ, FX, tidying and all that good stuff still to come. Broadly speaking it passed the morning-after test, which is never a given in my little world.

May do more.


We can still make it happen. If the options are meeting a deadline for this particular project or making a good song together, I would straight ignore the deadline. I have the song loaded, just waiting for you to fire the starting gun. :slight_smile: