IDMf0XX: Date Night: Submission Open. Deadline 01/04/2019


hey man, if you want i can give you my soundcloud, i can send you some stems of any of the tracks i have up there


Sure. I’ll try to remember to give a listen later. See if I fancy anything.

#63 there ya go my dude


So… As I don’t have a studio space right now I have no ability to make a track, but I’m happy to provide stems for anyone that wants them.


Have a remix for @nose that’s been on the backburner for awhile now. Just getting around to finishing it so I think I’ll end up submitting it if that’s cool.


reps for Aetheros

It’s gonna be a great track - I first started talking collabs about this specific track way back in vintage IDMf


FY to the I White Noise and I am bringing some old school awesomeness too.

To the guys that are looking for some dance partners, I am willing to do another, WN and I are well into this track so it will not take tons of time. Manton, you got stems you need mangled? BBB, need some inspiration? Chat at me. I am busy(drunk) with the German carnival until about Tuesday, but I promise a response next week to any that come a callin’.


Gone awol for a bit, but happy to see this is gaining momentum.
@relic: thanks for setting up the artwork thread, much appreciated!


Ok so fyi I submitted a remix/extreme resampling of nostromers overworld track from the stems he sent me like x months ago, and did another track derived from metasides kallisti, i submitted them because making Music is like hitting a crack pipe for me that’s the only reason why, fml…


@Auto-meh-geddon there were some questions about how many submissions an artist can send in. Did we answer that specifically?


few posts up :slight_smile:

@bfk - doing a three-way XD awesome


Duuuuuuurrr rrrr…thanks :slight_smile:


I thought it would make sense to remove the limit so if someone feels like whoring out with different people, they can.


I’m all for an open whoring policy


I don’t think we should be judging the submissions based on the sexual/sentimental behaviour of the artists.


Alright my fellow sonic-engineers

I’ve been elected with spear heading this event. I’m going to go back through this thread and hit up interested parties and people who have tracks either finished / WIP / whenever, and make a sheet of what’s currently happening.

If for some reason I don’t hit you up, keep tossing update posts in this thread and I’ll follow it as things come to fruition.

@relic made an awesome thread for all the artwork submissions of which will be publicly voted on. All submissions and discussions for artwork should go here: Date Night Cover Art Thread: Deadline 25 Mar. 2019

This is going to be an awesome release!!


Hey all, here’s the sitrep so far:

Here’s a list I gathered from posts on this thread and personal interactions… let me know what is confirmed and if there’s more to add!

I think it’d be cool to swap up the first and second artist name, on some tracks. Just for flow.

I feel like I have way too many tracks on this thing, lol, but… they will all be pretty diverse :slight_smile: also, I think we’ll end up with enough tracks we should consider voting maybe?

There’s been a couple dudes who have shown interest but don’t have a partner yet… so send out those love letters! I wasn’t sure of some duos either so check the question marks below and get back to me!

re “Unknown” below:

city at worlds end X Metaside (almost done!)
XVF X city at worlds end (done!)
Jazzyspoon X Vlantis (?)
White Noise X Creepr (confirmed I think)
HypnoticImplant (Cherry Convoy) X city at worlds end (not started yet)
metaside X Qianta (almost done!)
jbvdb493 X relic (in mastering!)
Jazzyspoon X (unknown)
relic X XiTau (?)
Erysys (aka Aetheros) X city at worlds end (almost done!)
bbb X (unknown)
TheTeknomage X relic (confirmed)
TvMcC X city at worlds end (could happen!)
XiTau (might be open to another?)
jbvdb493 X valk (Unknown)
Confused Muse X Metaside (Still Possible)


Yea I am working in the technomage x me track


I am mixing the track relic and I are doing,
And I haven’t heard much, but @valk has a bunch of stems and stuff from me he was going to use for a thing. Not sure the status of that.
I’d be open to offer up stuff to anyone else that’s looking for samples/ stems to work on a track.
Or if anyone has stems they would like some ambiant guitar stuff and mixing done to them, hit me up, there’s still time!


Wow, that updated list is impressive!

I might have an addiitonal track together with Confused Muse if we find the time to polish it.
Also, the collab with the mighty Qianta is not only confirmed, it is almost done! :wink: