IDMf064: Forms: IDM Vol. 2 ***Out NOW!***


Hadn’t thought of that. The plan was to get this on bandcamp quickly, though that time has come and gone.

I made the album downloadable on Soundcloud while we figure out bandcamp.


Congratulations IDMF, and to those who made the release. Best of with it, and all that you do! :metal:t5:


Sounding good!


Excellent work as always by the forum members :star_struck: kudos to @White_Noise for his Mastering expertise.

I particularly enjoyed the pieces from @Geelist and @relic


Got Bandcamp set up, finally. Sorry for the wait everyone.


yay!! C: it’s geting radder and radder guys. you guys are murdering those beats



solid work on this guys. big ups to all the artists on this. this was a fresh piece i really needed during covid. thank you!


IDMf065 VA - Out Now