IDMf064: Forms: IDM Vol. 2 ***Out NOW!***


The IDMf Netlabel is beyond excited to present our 64th release:

Forms: IDM vol. 2

*** Out Now! ***

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IDMf 064: Forms Vol. 2 by IDMf Netlabel

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  1. Lucky One - I Don’t Mind
  2. Geelist - MA
  3. Relic -Endless Skry
  4. Ayseeyehm - Thebadluck14 15d 11soundcloud
  5. Zygadenus - Fauchre Stamber
  6. Cyber X - Schefflera
  7. Arcsec - Makemake
  8. XVF - Glitchonimu

For our 64th release, we are continuing our IDM compilation series, started last year. Volume 2 is full of everything we love about IDM music: the odd, the moody, the surprising, the beautiful and the discordant. All can be found in these eight curated tracks from our amazing IDMforum members. Eight distinct visions of that hard to define but still recognizable genre known as IDM. So click on over to one of the links above and treat your ears to 26 minutes of pure sonic pleasure!

Also don’t forget to check out volume 1!: IDMf062: Forms, as well as our entire back catalog on Bandcamp!
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Forms: IDM vol. 2 is composed by the artists of the IDMforum.
Mastering by James Pingel
Released by the IDMfNetlabel under a Creative Commons License




Awesome thank you🙂.


The break beats were very well done, so were the industrialish type tracks,

Overall it was a good surprise. Good job peeps

In hindsight i didn’t realize how loud my bass is…:man_shrugging:

But anyways Some tracks are like nin, aphex, u-ziq…interesting interpretations all around



I was surprised about what we got in too. I mean, a song with a string section over an acoustic guitar? How about strapping a flanger across the stereo outs of the breakbeats and calling it a day? Organs under noise? I can describe this stuff all I want, it doesn’t all sound like a good idea, but I liked it all. I messed around with track order for a bit before deciding to throw the unexpected stuff up front and backload the obvious IDM.


Yeah, this one is quite a mix, but everything felt like it fit together really well, and after it was all mastered together, it felt even tighter. Great job on that @White_Noise!


I agree it had cohesion in the masters. Great job @White_Noise!

Enjoying the release and the cover art, as well.

I also believe the tracks work even better together with a proper full playthrough than a glance around because they are so different from each other.

Just hearing a few parts of some of the tracks doesn’t give you the feel for that actual track because, as an example, mine is different-ish throughout but you can get the vibe pretty straight up. Some of these give a different vibe finishing than when it started.

Pretty neat.


Proud to be a part of this production ;p <3

Great job on the tracks by the individual artists and great selection/ordering by the netlabel–it really feels like we all worked more closely together than we actually did–there is a really cool narrative arch to the energy/mood on the release.

And personally I’d still love to hear the other entries in the LB <3


I think this merits another topic that I had to think about as I was putting the track order together: album ordering. There’s a lot of ways to skin that cat and I really can appreciate the art that goes into trying to tell a story while keeping a listener engaged while working within the technical limitations of your medium.


Great stuff, the album has a really nice flow to it.

Personal favorite is the XVF track :star_struck:, what a fantastic closer to this compilation.

@bfk, I followed you on bandcamp and plan to listen through all of your stuff once I find the time.
I briefly skipped through some of it already and really love it so far!


I think the evolution bfk’s work from IDMf 050 (which is when I first became aware of this style of his) through a few other albums (inlcuding an EP of his own on the label) to now is a very satisfying arc. I feel like his work has become increasingly well structured and musical. In the latest track, take the sound design away and you still have solid music that would stand on it’s own underneath. I think if he keeps pushing the music and rhythm, there’s a lot of room to grow yet.


Why not bandcamp now?

this post doesn’t have the Artwork…

why Audius?

Dudes I respect y’all and I’m sorry but holy shit the artwork is BAD

Why the continued “forms” pattern? Why the font? What is happening they look awful.


Music selection is great, @relic’s track is my favorite by far


That’s an error on my end, forgive me but I have two grandmas diagnosed with cancer within a week of each other here. Personally I’m thrilled we were able to get this out this summer.

Really, no attitude meant on my end, no offense taken as I’m not thrilled we missed bandcamp either, but I just don’t have time to sort it this week (or maybe this month, I really don’t know). So it was either delay the entire release and hold back the otherwise excellent work of the artists so I could deal with my stuff, or put it out without bandcamp until I have time to sort all that other junk out. I thought the latter was a better of two admittedly bad options.


Damned, I missed the album release because of the flooding! :sweat_smile:
What an diversity on this album, but it really makes a whole, well done on the tracks ordering and mastering!
By the way, I’m so happy to open the album, that’s really awesome :wink:

I especially enjoy the tracks from Relic and Cyber X, awesome !
I’m going to spam my surrounding with this release now,




I am so proud and happy to be included on this release. I’m sorry to say I haven’t had a chance to listen yet as life has kinda taken over for the last few weeks but to know my music is ‘out there’ is such a special feeling.

Huge thanks to @White_Noise and @Creepr for all their hard work.

Cheers :beers:


Great work, everybody! Listened to it two times so far, a really diverse selection of tracks. Highlights for me were Schefflera (sounds just perfect and reminded me of Portishead and similar stuff in the best way possible) and Glitchonimu (not exactly sure why, but might be my fav XVF track so far, synths and glitches just fit together perfectly), but thoroughly enjoyed all the tracks on this!


@metaside I should of hpf the sub bass glitch better…also The breakbeats on this release have me purring like a cat in heat.


Hey guys, is there a way to download this release?