IDMf063: Metaside - Xenopsychology OUT NOW!


The IDMf Netlabel is honored to present our 63rd release

IDMf063 - Metaside - Xenopsychology

Out Now!


Tight, clean and punchy.

For our 63rd offering , in his second appearance with a single aritst release, IDMforums Artist Metaside brings his signature sound to the IDMfNetlabel Catalog . With his unique twist to chillout Drum & Bass Metaside blends a slower tempo, expressive melodies, sound design and extensive ambience along with all the other hallmarks of Drum & Bass Production. We have been proud to bring you Metaside’s work in the past . His latest release however is the tightest, most concise evolution of his unique musical ideas so far…

We can’t wait for you to hear it.

IDMf 063: Xenopsycholgy is best played at high volume.

Turn it up, sit back, let go.

Don’t forget to check out Metaside’s previous release in the catalog IDMf052 - Kallisti

And don’t forget about our 62nd release - IDMf062: Forms

We will continue to share post release content related to IDMf063 …

Watch this section of the forum for continuing updates and information from the IDMfNetlabel

Xenopsycology is composed and mixed by Metaside

Mastering by James Pingel

Released by the IDMfNetlabel under a Creative Commons License





I’m definitely gonna check this out.


I like tracks 1 and 4 the best they are the happiest…2 and 3, I saw 2,but I havent listened to 3 yet so maybe later. But meta side this is a good release its perfect blend of all styles.

That’s the only way I can describe it.


Stay tuned people, we’re not done with this release just yet…


What have you prepared there? :smiley:


It’s awesome sauce. Believe me metasides release is stellar.


Yeah, another fantastic release here from Metaside. My favorite track from the release is definitely Passing By Shadows. Nice balance of top notch production work and musicality with that track in particular that I can really get down with.

Big thanks to Metaside and everyone on the team who put work into bringing this out to the community. Looking forward to seeing what else this release will bring as the days go by.

Again, fantastic job all around.


Check it out, the vids for the the entire EP are now up on YouTube!

Here is the playlist:

These are really awesome, nice work @metaside!


We have gotten the album up on the following platforms now, check it out!



and Apple Music:


I did a mastering tutorial based on “Passing by Shadows” from this album. Check it.


I listened to it twice … really beautiful music and well produced @metaside I’m especially impressed with the cohesiveness of the palette and textures from one piece to the next… this really hangs together as a concept album… not just a collection of recent pieces.

Kudos to @White_Noise for the Mastering as well.

I’m inspired :pray::sunglasses:


Congrats to @metaside. I’m sure people would love to hear feedback from you, being the first to be blasted out under the new stuffs.

Maybe just your actual thoughts on the matter, if mentioned elsewhere, apologies(and not by other people, by you).

Again congrats to you and also, @White_Noise
on the mastering.


Thanks everyone for all the feedback! And special thanks to the Netlabel team for all the support for this release and all the work that went into it! I had some problematic weeks with sickness and stress, but seeing this released and the reactions and feedback kept me afloat through all of it. :rowing_man:

The title of the release and some of the visuals probably made you think about something SciFi-related (for instance, I was constantly thinking about Xenolab 2122 @nose after picking the title :wink: ), but what I was really thinking about when working on the EP was more about the strangeness of ourselves and those we really, deeply love. Looking back, I think it was inspired mostly by trying to understand my baby son and thinking about how to help him making sense of the world around him. I’m happy to say that he’s a big fan of the tracks and visuals, so I would say this is my first family-friendly release :wink:

I hope you enjoyed this little audiovisual trip!

@bbb: It’s def a cool thing, but I don’t know how much difference the added platforms make. My own experience so far with other releases was that it doesn’t make that much of a difference by itself - I had much more listeners on Bandcamp as compared to Spotify, but BC was the link I mostly shared everywhere. It all depends on how many people look for your releases already and on additional promo imho.

For all new (or returning) artists, from my perspective, here are the most important advantages of releasing with IDMf Netlabel:

  1. Great mastering and release announcements. @White_Noise did his mastering magic as usual, giving the material some polish and more consistency, and @Creepr did a great job with the announcements. <3
  2. Valuable feedback and supervision for aspects such as track production, mixing, consistency and artwork.
  3. All is friendly, approachable and without any commercial pressure.
  4. Friendly, talented and interesting community for feedback with potential for collabs or similar in the future.

Thanks again everybody, every reaction and every listener means a lot to me! <3


I’m sure I speak for many others in thanking you @metaside for the feedback on the experience and process working with IDMf Net Label.

Very encouraging to know that the Forum is more than a random discussion about a genre or two and the geeky hardware/software that is used in the making of…

This Forum actually has a community and a (loose but functioning) structure that produces high-quality forward thinking music.

Let’s keep it going! :clap::clap::clap::pray::sunglasses:


This is release is great cause it’s both good headphone music and would be good for a live show or in a club or blasting it from your car speaker. It’s just great all around.

Edit I hope I’m bumping the right thread.

Imo this release in comparison to my music is miles better, by a lot of miles…and i’m only as good as a kilometer…seriously…So cheers and props.


Thank you very much guys, I’m really glad you enjoyed the release!

And @bfk from my viewpoint, your stuff is much more innovative, experimental and original especially on a technical level, we have to do some more collabs in the future!

Looking forward to the next releases from all of you guys!


@metaside In my experience I’ve learned that i suck at collabs…but i can do remixes.


I have to say that I do not agree with that conclusion: