Mastering Walkthrough/Tutorial - Passing by Shadows from IDMf 063

I did a full video recording of my current mastering process. If you thought my write-up from last year was good, this is going to blow you away. It went through production hell to make it happen, but hopefully I can come up with a better way to do these and do more in the future.


This was a really interesting watch, thank you again for all the work on the mastering and also for giving this insight into your process! I’m very happy with how both Kallisti and Xeno turned out. I remember Kallisti was always unfinished in my mind since I have been working on and off on it for years, but when I listened to your master, I just thought yes, that’s it, it sounds finished.

I think this walkthrough might also be helpful for everybody who thinks about submitting something to the netlabel.

Also, yeah, that distortion on the snare you were talking about was def there before you started haha!

I like it so much. I like your details. I will watch the video again.

This is fantastic! I’ve watched it in pieces and will likely watch it again. Love watching people work like this and love seeing your process here. Super awesome. Big thanks again for doing this!