IDMf062 Forms: IDM Vol. 1 ***OUT NOW!***


IDMf062 Forms: IDM Vol. 1 OUT NOW!

It has arrived! The Netlabel Team is very, very proud to present to you Forms: IDM Vol. 1!
This is the 62nd release for the label and a return to the roots of what brought us all here to this forum in the first place: IDM. Here is what mastering engineer White Noise has to say about this release:

"We didn’t know what to expect when we asked IDMforums what IDM was to them in 2020. Since it’s inception, IDM has spanned a multitude of genres and styles. We’ve given genre prompts to the community over the last few years from house to dark techno and imposed limitations on the creative process by forcing them to use one synth or to collaborate with each other. We’ve done all that, but we haven’t asked them for their interpretation of IDM in a long time. The answers we got surprised us.

XVF gave us a new spin on his unique style of IDM with a more driven beat than ever from him. RFJ came at it with a cinematic twist on found sound and ambience. Dr Itchers made a lo-fi piece that breaks all the rules so flagrantly it has to be compelling. arcsec brought exactly what we would expect IDM to be in the midst of everything that surprised us (making this track surprising in its own way). all the morphic oceans brought another cinematic piece that takes the listener on an auditory journey. And Make Us Whole sent in a piece that hits like a bass track with the spaciousness of an ambient piece.

In all this, we found an EP that takes the listener on a sonic journey that we feel defines the sound of IDM today. Take a listen and see if you agree."

So settle in a give a listen to what IDM in 2020 is all about:

IDMf064: Forms: IDM Vol. 2 ***Out NOW!***



Just listened to the whole thing. What a variety of cool sounds on this on! Everyone has such unique ideas on IDM and it made for a really fun and adventurous experience. Great job to everyone who submitted!

Also, thank you to the Netlabel team for putting all of the work into getting this put together. It’s a great sounding release and I know you guys worked hard on it over the last few months.

Looking forward to the next one!



This is a really nice balanced mix of styles and interpretations…kudos to all involved, both the Artists and the Label…yet another fine feather in the old IDMf cap! I hate to single anyone out, as I liked reach track on this release…but “Manhattan Project” from XVF really clicked with me for some reason.

Nice work, guys…really nice work. :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Really enjoyed listening to this, i am very honored to be on the same compilation as these great artists - very diverse selection of styles, I love it. :grinning:

Thanks to the Netlabel team for organizing this - mastering is top notch as well!

Standout track for me is Dr Itchers - Dwayne Barton, relaxed and totally bonkers at the same time, I could listen to that stuff for hours.

@Gaki - Do you have any albums/EPs available, couldn’t find anything on Bandcamp?

That @RFJ track is really, really nice as well, the voice sample has a very Mind:TPI-era Skinny Puppy vibe somehow.


You said it best :slight_smile:

This is really superb and I’m humbled to be part of this journey. Thanks to all involved and especially the NelLabel team for your time & effort making this a reality.

I’ll mention that the flow of the compilation is beautifully thought-out and delivers a smooth, cohesive multi-faceted moving creation. Well done everybody!


For those of you who didn’t make the cut this time, remember we’re hoping to do a volume 2 later this year. I can’t promise to be quick about it, but for any of you who submitted and didn’t make it I’d be happy to go over my notes with you and discuss what could put you in a better position for the next album, whether that’s advice on your particular song or just in general. Just PM me and I will get into it when I can.


Why there is no downlaod option?


I am happy to add my support to this. Anyone wanting to hear another voice on the submitted but not selected tracks can hit me up anytime.


Hey @st3aLth you mean on SoundCloud? We only stream there, but there should be a “buy” link that takes you to Bandcamp where you can PWYW for the album.


Thank you

It just happened i like to listen to mp3 and not online.


I like the most is Arcsec - David Brown is On Altair track


Congrats to all the artists who made the release. Thrilled to be included with such a high caliber of submissions. I feel this is the best release the Netlabel has put out in a while, honored to be apart of it. I can honestly say I like all the tracks equally and feel the production value is stellar, a solid effort from beginning to end. Big thanks to white noise and the Netlabel team for getting this out there.


Hey guys, @Metaside put together a sweet vid for this release too. We got it up on our YT channel, go check it out!


I kept the video short since it was intended as a preview, but I really enjoyed listening to this and cutting it up for the vid! :smiley: All quality tracks, and def the most IDM release I have heard here in a while!


I love the release but out of curiosity’s sake, how many subbed? Also great art work, whoever made it.


oh i think i like arcsec out of all of them, i’m giving this a few listens, i really like what going on with everyone. I may have to take some leaves out of these books. good game people :smiley:
heres something i’ve been working on over the past month or so for @Redukt I’m glad you like it. Do any of you guys want to share some samples?? oh man, I love the sound palettes!!!


holy cow the visuals are insane.


I have yours on repeat, the voices are so lush