IDMF059 - BB100 - Release! - Out Now!


Here it is on a hot plate!

IDMF059, Beat Battle Royale! (The 100th Beat Battle!)



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IDMF Netlabel Team

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IDMF059 - BB100 Will be releasing this weekend, Saturday, August 24th!

Be on the look out for updates!
For starters, here’s the final Track List!

IDMF Netlabel Team



Wooo!!! Alright!!!


I like the cool little reflection at the bottom.


I love how this looks like a generic free VST, but we already know it’s going to be one of the greats like camel crusher.



The track order feels a little weird to me. Opening with theusername24’s track, for one, feels like it’s running straight to the main event, rather than building up to it. I do like InDefiance’s track as the last track tho.


I thought about it and didn’t really know where to start because this album goes so many different directions. I decided to start with Sonometer because it won the vote and that was a safe way to open the album. I can be reasonably sure that that song won’t turn people off and stop them from hearing the rest. From there I just tried to make the transition from song to song not too jarring. But yeah for that last minute of aSSerbik (the artist formerly known as In Defiance of Gravity)'s track I knew that had to close the album.


@xSANTAxDURSTx Lol guitar hero evolved into a rock band…

Congrats to all and thanks to @IO_Madness,and others for keeping the bbs alive, and thanks to @FMB for the for the idea of the beat battles, so cheers…

Sick dope phat beets evry1


Here, check out this line up:

1. 7asid - Greener Pastures
2. White Noise - Space in Place
3. Vulpes - Ark Kirchoff 5
4. IO Madness - (No) Dignity in Defeat
5. Tsachi - Model 100
6. creepr - Trans-Neptunian Express Jam Session
7. MFXxx - The Ficklenana
8. theusername24 - Sonometer
9. Balafonan - Space Eggs
10. mnkvolcno - Bb100
11. bfk - it is no more
12. In Defiance of Gravity - it's only smellz in outer space

Also, here’s a playlist (.m3u) file to load up the tracks:


It’s coming! Tomorrow, the Royale of Royales drops.
Don’t miss it!

IDMF Netlabel Team


I’ll consider it as I always want the best album possible, but may not have time before release. Because I’m in one of the later timezones I actually have to put the tracks up tonight for them to be available Saturday in Europe at a reasonable time (which is a large part of the label’s audience). And I’ve been going full-bore at my day job all week so it may be all I can do to get the tracks uploaded as-is on time.


If you could manage it, then hell yeah. I understand you’re busy and all, if you don’t get to it, then I guess we’ll just go with it.


IDMF059 Beat Battle Royale released!
Check top post for details.

IDMF Netlabel Team


@White_Noise, thanks for mastering and your help getting it all together.

@Creepr, thanks for bringing the idea up to the netlabel and working with them to make this happen! We’ve wanted to see a Beat Battle release, but things didn’t quite line up. Now with this release, it’s actually a reality!

With that, thanks to the entire IDMf Netlabel Team for helping put this out. @Auto-meh-geddon @Jayson @Creepr @White_Noise

Finally, to those listening to the album, and for those who listen to albums without skipping tracks, I welcome you to check out this alternate playlist of these tracks: IDMF059 - BB100 - Release! - Out Now!


wow check out those kickass beats. This sounds fantastic; everyone involved gets mad rep


OK so I visited the actual bandcamp site for the 1st time in ages & curiously searched “Vulpes” & there is more than a garbage truck full of this name. I used my IDMF name because I wasn’t taking beat battles submissions seriously so I suppose from here on out I should be using my artist name if it will be on BC.


I’m “Various Artists” lol


@Vulpes Not all beat battles, just number 100 because that holds significance… if you use arabic numbers. Kind of.

@IO_Madness that’s my bad, I’ll fix it up tonight. The album artist is various artists, so if you forget to put the artist name for each track it just fills in the album artist.


Thanks! I saw my name was still tagged on the track itself so ppl should still be able to figure it out.

I liked the sound of the album, nice work with mastering the tracks!