IDMF059 - BB100 - Release! - Out Now!


Just listened to this, really interesting work! I think some of the tracks I already gave a listen to and commented on in the original thread before release.
What’s really awesome about this imho is that it’s really heavy on sound design but also on melodies. Also @IO_Madness, I listened to the original playlist, but looking at yours now I think that I would have liked that one better, but I would have started it all with the track by sti11sh@ded/mnkvolcno.


I agree with White Noise that all the tracks were kinda different, a very eclectic mix, and it was hard finding a proper kinda album flow, but I’m happy we were able to do it!


Yeah, it’s always hard to find a good order for diverse stuff like this, I’m rarely really sure about track order even with my own stuff… but it can be interesting to think about how different track orders would sound and affect the listener.



Lol I think you are confused.