IDMf058: "Open House" Album Art -CLOSED


So, here we are again. We made beautiful music and now we need to dress it up all pretty for the big release day. A title is in the works, see the other new thread, but we wanted to get the word out early so people could start thinking about a cover. I asked for title ideas within one week, so as of next Wed or so we should have a working title for ya. No hard due-date yet but it would definitely not hurt if we have some choices by say the 15th.



The votes are in and the title of this compilation is: Open House
So get your graphic on and let’s see what you all can come up with for a sweet sweet cover! No hard date yet on when the submissions are due but we will get back to you on that. We need some time to vote and then to put everything together though so we will be talking around 2 weeks-ish to get some subs in.

IDMf058 Album Title POLL CLOSED

disclaimer these aren’t art subs, just some images i think are interesting enough to inspire


I might even fuxd w that first one…


FWIW I have no art skillz but I was picturing the side of a house with some bright lights coming from inside and maybe some blurred party silhouettes in the windows.


Kind of going abstract here, and colors are up for whatever we want… but this was the design I made in a burst given the vibes I felt from the winning tracks.


This is my idea. I am new here, so I don’t know if we put artist names on it or not.


Welcome to the community @FlexBormarr, and congrats!

Also: yeah, names aren’t often on the album covers. :wink:



nice!! Love this. and welcome dude!


Is this still open for submissions?
I could give it a try





Please do! One of my favorite pastimes of idmf is seeing everyone’s graphic subs.



Hey guys, I have word that the mastering is being handled a a record pace so we need an album cover stat! Anyone who wants to be considered should get a hussle on. :slight_smile: Or at least keep in touch that they will be submitting something soon…I would hate to setup a vote and then find out we have 3 more subs lined up.

If anyone has any questions, just ping me. Post your subs in this thread though so everyone can see them.


^i vote for this


This gets my vote… it’s bard to look away :sunglasses:


I also vote for FlexBormarrs artwork, i dig it a lot


Hey hey folks, we have a few days left to accept artwork. Anyone else want to jump in the ring?



I like it


Ok folks, 24hr notice. If anyone wants to submit something else for consideration do so now. :sunglasses: