IDMf052 Metaside - Kallisti


Our 52nd release has been out for a bit, don’t forget to check it out…


Imagine, if you will, a blender. Inside the blender you have IDM, Drum & Bass, a sprinkle of Bass Music, and a touch of Breakcore. If you were to press blend the sound emitted from the blender would be the sound of our 52nd release, Kallisti. Here long-standing IDMforum member Metaside presents what amounts to be a masterclass. A little bit of glitch, a little bit of breaks, with a mass amount of what-the-hell-is-happening that holds together like it’s glued with cement. It’s Metaside. It’s Kallisti. It’s a release that will take you there and back but it won’t leave you guessing along the way.

With IDMf052 the IDMf Netlabel continues to push forward it’s single artist release side of the Netlabel Catalog. It is here where we represent the best of the best that our forum has to offer. We’d love to get a submission from YOU. Inquiries can be made via e-mail -


released November 5, 2018

IDMf052: Kallisti
Composed by: Metaside
Published by the IDMfNetlabel and
Released 5 November, 2018


Metaside was kind enough to provide a stellar pack of stems and samples for mangling remixing and general audio destruction. As stated before you always hear people talking about HQ samples. These are just about as HQ as it gets. Follow the link below for a free download of all the content. Don’t forget to post whatever you come up with here in this thread…


Sounding really pro! The title track is my favorite one. Really, really good job!


managed to make a remix of metaside’s kallisti release from the stems provided before the old forum went down


Thanks @palmspalms glad you enjoyed it!
Also, thanks @RFJ for getting this up again!

@bfk: love what you did with the material, very original take on it and especially the dissonant glitchy parts coming in after the spherical part at around 2:00 gets me! Looking forward to your upcoming release! :smiley:

@ anybody thinking about doing a remix or working on it forn the remix compi: the deadline for submissions gets delayed until Jan 15 [edited] for now. You can send me the tracks in a message as WAVs to be downloaded if you want them to be included in the compi (I will probably do some amateurish mastering to all the tracks to get some form of consistency with regard to levels, so be warned).
If you are working on something and need some more time, please let me know, further delays might happen since there are some people with heavy workloads that I hope can finish a remix for this. I was aiming to release the remix compi before christmas, but that does not have to happen. The WIPs I have heard for this are awesome (ranging from really chilled out stuff to heavy hitting DNB tunes) and I hope we can get all of these in. Release is probably gonna happen on my own bandcamp page, but not sure about that yet. If you want some feedback and don’t want to post it directly here in the forum, you use the IDMF or HDM discords. So, tl;dr: aim for Jan 15 [edited] and get to work! ^^


I was going to submit a remix but I didn’t realise the deadline was going to be so soon. I won’t be able to do it now, too much other stuff going on :frowning: Good luck everyone! Nice work @bfk


Hey Manton, it would be great to get your remix in, too! I am really open to extend it further - I guess all people are pretty busy around this time of year… Maybe it would be best to push it into next year and extend it by a full month… would that be enough time for you, around Jan 15?


Yeah Jan 15 works for me. December is just really busy and I’m also trying to finish another musical project before the years out.


Awesome! Looking forward to what you come up with!


I just noticed RFJs link only seems to have the additional mangled samples, so here are all the samples including stems for all four tracks again in my own dropbox - if you want to make a remix, you still have time until Jan 15! Also, better dl that stuff fast, I might have to take it down for other collab projects at some point:


thank you!!!:slight_smile: , i’ll try to make a remix for each track, i’ll see what I can do, and i’ll post them here, or directly message them to you whichever you prefer


Apologies about that man. Haste makes waste. Thanks again for providing these and fixing my error here. So cool to have this for the community to play with.


Hey @bfk, nice to hear you are planning to do more remixes! :smiley: I think it’s a bit cooler to have the release fresh and earlier posts restricted to the IDMF and HDM discords, but posting some tracks here before release keeps the thread alive, so that’s ok in my book, too.

More general notes: To be considered for inclusion on the compi, I would prefer a message here or on discord with a link to WAV file (unmastered or mastered. Also, be prepared that I might do some soft mastering or remastering to contribute to consistency within different groups of styles such as DNB and chillout). Since I left open what exactly to submit, you can note if you don’t want any changes no matter what, consider the track completely unmastered and so on. There is going to be a soft review process, but the general aim is to include as many different styles and artists as possible in the compi.

And thanks for the interest :smiley:

@RFJ: No prob, took me a while to even notice it - I know you guys must be really busy rn, thanks for all the support and getting this thread up again fast!


only just stumbled on this now, will see if i can pump out a remix on time!


had fun doing these remixes :blush:, managed to make 4 one for each track…got til Jan 15 peeps

-thread bump-


Really awesome work, @bfk, thank you so much for doing a complete reinterpretation of the release!

So far I have collected 9 submissions, plus a few more I have heard previews of. I really like all the subs and WIPs I heard and expect this to become a pretty long, diverse and interesting release :smiley:


Added one requested WAV file to the download folder - anybody still working on a remix of Marame, maybe you can make use of this bass track of an earlier version of the project (the original stems only had beat and bass already combined):


Still 1 week left to get your remix in! That’s really like so much time, it could even be enough to start a whole EP project for the netlabel and still finish a remix for this compi :smiley:

Counting 10 submissions for the compi so far and some more are in the works!

Submission Deadline still is Jan 15!


metaside to the rescue on letting me remix for JAWM stream. Gonna be a pretty fun time :smiley:


sooo i doubt ill get something before the deadline, but a remix will appear at some point down the road!