IDMf052 -Metaside - Kallisti


will probably get another long stream session in on part 3 of my remix work tomorrow… then I’ll have to do some behind the scenes crunching to get it all mastered in time… but should be able to meet the deadline.


Since work on the compi will take a while and I’m a bit busy with work, it’s no prob to include tracks sent a bit later, I would say at least including the coming weekend (January 19 should be fine). I hope to have a rough idea of track order and what needs to be done to tracks that need mastering to fit in next Sunday.


If you want to listen in a bit on two edits from the upcoming Kallisti remix compilation, check out this melodic deep DNB mix I just finished and uploaded - the two tracks are not really of the same style as the other mostly vocal DNB tracks, but it turned out interesting :smiley:

[edit: fixed ^^ ]


Did I read your post correctky? Did you say its cool to post alternate remixes in this thread? Also @RFJ everything that you said makes Ableton champion in terms of workflow is indeed very much true, Even though I am running 10 Intro I feel that I’ve not even barely scratched the surface of even this very limited version. I could go on with pros and cons for days but this is neither the thread or the time to spew such word vomits.

And now that I have it multitracked and in the capable hands of he who made these remixes possible…I am going to drop this here because I’m wild and out of control and so is my ad umnoises


sent my submission in for the remix… (my own master) and unmastered, for reference. If anyone wants them, I’ll post my drum stem !

edit check your DMs on discord Meta :slight_smile:


Hook us up!!! I am down with my multitracks becoming pubic domain, if Metaside is ok with releasing it. Eventually we may have enough stems that we can remix the remix release.


Sure, do that, it’s a funny idea! :smiley:


It could very easily escelate into a full on beat battle!


If you have already sent me a sub and have not received a message here or on discord over the last few hours, let me know!

Also, there is still some time to get your sub in if you are still working on something, but please let me know if you need longer than this weekend :smiley:


I can potentially post the full stems as well, not too much work. I think I did a decent job at arranging my tracks this time hahaha.

@metaside should I wait until voting is done (if there is) and the album is released, before posting stems here? probably yeah?


I think it’s a bit cooler to have releases with completely new tracks, but I left the decision to post the tracks here before release up to the artists, so the same goes for the stems ^^


I’ll wait, I want to see if I win the selection to be on it at all before :slight_smile: - also, it’ll give me more time to render the remaining stems… I’ll do them all I suppose haha.




The two tracks start around 35:40 and 1:00:50 if you don’t want to listen to the whole DNB thing btw :wink:

Also available on :smiley: :


Man, sounding super nice. :slightly_smiling_face:

IDMf0XX: Date Night: Submission Open. Deadline 01/04/2019

I made a separate thread for the remix release in the community section, since it turned out to be quite a big project with a lot of community involvement :smiley: :

Preview is up now, stay tuned for March 9! :smiley:


Congrats @metaside Sorry I couldn’t get a remix in. I started it way back in December and made some good headway but life circumstances got in the way. Sounds like it will be an awesome mix


Hey @Manton, no worries, that crazy biat… biathlon called life is known to do stuff like that, thanks for giving it a go in any case!

Also, just two weeks and one day left until the release! :wink:


In case you missed the thread in the community forum: Kallisti - The Remixes is available NOW :smiley:

The Off-Topic Thread

FYI: Since I noticed that I didn’t cancel my distrokid subscription as intended, the Kallisti EP is going full distrokid distribution and is already available on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and so on! The remixes will follow soon, at least those I get permission for from the remixers :smiley: So you can listen to it on streaming services and hopefully we can get some more exposure for it…

But, if you come from around these parts and want to buy one of these, I would prefer you to just support the original Kallisti EP on the Netlabel Bandcamp instead, since all of this would not have been possible without the high and mighty IDMF Netlabel - so I’m not going to put up links to the new distro stuff here ^^