IDMf Sample Pack "Glitch in the System" CLOSED


When it rains it pours: in addition to needing the cover for our upcoming IDM comp, we need your samples now too. Greedy buggers we are…

So here is the deal: what with all the Corona shiz there have been lots of interesting and free sample packs floating around as people have some time on their hands, and also want to give back to the music community etc etc etc. Us Netlabel guys figured this would be a cool new idea for the forum and have hashed out a plan for getting a pack out there while the getting is good. And what better theme to flex our IDM junkie muscles that a good old fashioned, wholesome pile of glitch. So for your inspiration I have just finished banging out the cover for this endeavor, titled “Glitch in the System”

Submission Rules:

  1. please limit to 12 samples a person
  2. keep it glitchy. This is a themed release after all. That said, we do not aim to be picky, just want it to be a bit cohesive.
  3. keep samples under 30 seconds please. We ain’t got time for 20 minute drones.
  4. Help a forum brother out: name your samples please. if you would be so kind, put your forum handle in the name of each as well so we know what is what. (errordrums_Creepr.wav f.e.)
  5. Please submit .wav files, normalized to 0dB, and send them to the usual address:

So get going, we need these in just over 2 weeks time! (we do not want to conflict with other releases) so deadline is the 30th of April at midnight. Release is planned a week after that. Happy glitching!

Extended Deadline: May 4



submitted my sample pack


Nice idea! Sent some samples with WeTransfer since Dropbox seems to be down for me rn - the upload on WT will be available for 7 days, hope that’s ok.


should be fine my man. I will check it tonight after work.


Count me in. Love it


hey, i’ve just sent you the linke via Wetransfer.


Nice! will dl later. gotta make chili now.


chili…nice one


This is a dumb question, but what is ‘glitchy’ in this context?


rdevine, xanopticon, autechre, ryoji ikeda, woulg, vaetxh is my idea of glitch


the idea was not to mean “glitch” as a genre definition, rather as an actual sound, so chopped up vocals or drums, crackly, broken loops. To my personally, I am drawing from the IDM genre as inspiration so I am going to focus on a few particular effects: time effects, bitcrushing, buffer based rehashing (ala Permut8) and f’d up resampling(mostly ala Glitchmachines plugs).

Another viewpoint: submit samples that would be good for someone else to glitch, like vocal lines or something ambient…whatever floats your boat!

We do not mean to be picky here, we want to release everything that comes in. The bar is low. That said a 12 pack of notes meant to be for synthwave, or a bunch of pure EDM risers may have a hard time fitting in. but hey, just submit something, we will sort it out!


great idea. i got my laptop out by the ole bbq smoker, i’ll rip out some zeroes and ones.




yes, indeed


hey gang, anyone still planning some submissions for this? We can always use some more samples. :slight_smile:


Did mine make it? Checking to see if it clogged the spam filter


yes I believe so, but I will gather all the emails tonight after work and post a confirmation here of what I have so everyone can see it.


Can I submit after I get off work tomorrow? Shall I do it through sound cloud?


yeah go ahead! dropbox or something like it would be better, but SC would work.