IDMf Sample Pack "Glitch in the System" CLOSED


Aaaaalright. I double checked the mailbox, and can confirm the following submissions have been received as of this post:

Santy Durst
Gaki (? not sure, I emailed you a question)

This is looking good guys! Let us give it another few days though in case anyone else wants in on it but was busy. I will unpack all your glitchy goodness this evening and see what we are working with. :slight_smile:

Extended deadline: May 4. That is it though, we want to get this puppy out the door.


Downloading drop box right now to submit my folder, do I use the netlabel email as the recipient?


yeah, the same address. Looking forward to hearing what you subbed!


Ok, the deadline has come and gone. Thanks for all the subs! I will put everything together this week and keep you all up to date.




Update: pack is finished, we just need to write up our text and get it loaded to BandCamp. I have been pretty busy this weekend, so I should be able to do it today or tomorrow.


see the new post, the pack is out now!