IDMf Open Genre Comp Cover Art - Submissions CLOSED


Hey gang, sorry for the delay here but, you know, life happens. Anywho, we need as usual a cover for our upcoming project, and equally as usual, we are way to lazy to do it ourselves and are counting on you to take care of it for us. So help a lazy guy out will ya? Submissions due by Dec. 1st.

Similarly, we need a title for this venture. Since the art and the title should have some sort of synergy let’s have you spitball a few ideas our way (based on your own cover subs or someone elses, whatever, just don’t spam with “my 22 top album title suggestions 2019! the 7th one will floor you!” crap). Then we will pick out one and claim it was our own idea all along. totally credit you bigly.

Git to it.



This is my submission.

Words/release can be added later.


Sometimes I make collages out of magazines.

This is a low res washed out photo of my newest, titled “Soul Engine.” I can get a proper scan of it (and fix the alignment of the central tower) if it’s accepted.


nice work you two! I should totally collage more often…


I’m going to have to vote for this.


this one looks great as it is man!!


This is the coolest artwork I have ever seen in my life.


i like it but the freedom tower stands out like a sore thumb


Fuck, I didn’t even know. :smile:

I can look for a replacement.


You could try replacing it with an actual sore thumb?

Seriously though, I would like you to keep it the way it is. It looks amazing!

Even after getting the political significance of that buidling (which I honestly didn’t recognise), that doesn’t change it for me - in fact it just adds an interesting new layer to it.


Damn nice one V, that’s super sick!!! definitely gets my vote.


I got a way to keep it, but disguise it. Gotta finish this other collage for my dad’s birthday first.


Just keep it as it is. It’s a 10/10


Both were definitely inspired by David Icke


Noice, some solid stuff there Fred!


wow some real talent there i really like the alien


Damn, the alien design is sick af. Nice one X



Not serious Comp titles:
Sausage festival party
50 shades of synths
I am a banana
Pineapple pizza
knob twerking
Push my controller buttons
Input it into my output and then into my input

Serious title suggestions:
On Higher frequencies
Bit rate alchemy
Mixed signals
Beyond the threshold
Music mechanations