IDMf Open Genre Comp Cover Art - Submissions CLOSED


Musique Discreet


It thinks I’m reposting, so here’s the obligatory text to differentiate between the two


That is beautiful!



Fuckin’ killer man. I always love your designs <3


I took a photo of my warehouse ceiling and played with it afterwards.

I would probably vote for @vlantis at the moment. Like a space opera in there.


looks like an episode of TNG on the tube


it started as this.



Hey hey, it is the 1st of Dec, so last day for any subs. Get em in if you have been working on em.

@xSANTAxDURSTx since you have quite a few entries, care to pick your 2 favs for voting? Too many covers makes for a “this covers wins because it is the only one with 2 votes” scenario.
@BBB you have 2 already, so we will roll with both in the pole.

I will include the remake by Vulpes too, as BBB has not complained about the flagrant plagiarism yet. :slight_smile:

Poll goes up tomorrow.


I’ll rework mine today and get a better photo, but will hold back on anything hi res for now.


@Vlantis I really dig your style, man. That reminds me so much of sci fi cover art from the 60’s and 70’s, which I wish I could have just absolutely plastered on every open wall space of my house.


These last 2 can count as my submissions. Backups and official files were saved this time so that the text can be reworked to reflect the actual title. Thanks!



Am I on Time!


yeah man, no worries. We will need this in a 1400x1400px resolution though, so square that sexy thing up and I will replace this copy in the vote when I get it.