IDMf Live online

Last night I successfully ran an online cabaret show on Facebook, with 12 performers from a few European countries. We reached 3200 people and had up to 270 viewers at any time.

Now I want to do the same with only artists from IDMf.

I would introduce the artists from my desk at home, you Skype in and I patch you through to the Live stream, on Facebook, YouTube or twitch.

Once you’re Live you have a 10 Minutes slot to do what you please, a jam, Live modular noodling, DJ set or tutorial.

There will also be a link for donations to be split evenly among the performers.

The show will most likely run 12th April starting around 7 pm gmt, which is mid afternoon in the US.

If you’re up for it, you need to be able to run some tech tests with me beforehand.

So, put down your names and get this shit going!


I already have OBS, and I’m sure I’ll have something to do between all the songs I’m working on. Count me in.

Unless you’re hosting you won’t need OBS, but that’s what I did last night.
I’d like @canecreek and @chasedobson.
@RFJ with a nice modular noodle like what he posted not long ago.
But seriously whoever is game!

Oh this is a solid idea! Big ups!

I don’t know if I could come up with something in time as far as a live jam. 10 minutes is an usual amount of time for a DJ set but I will go upstairs and play around a little bit tonight and see what I can come up with.

From a technical/equipment perspective what do we need? Computer, internet and…?

I want to do it lemme do it

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Would be interesting to see done. Hell I’d be willing to do it to some degree, tutorial-wise, if that was interested. But my experience in the few attempts I tried were to streamline things, which maybe an actual, just, recorded and edited video would suffice better. Unless people wanted fumbling. Not even noodling.

Curious to see prepared stuff, too, most definitely.

We can also do pre-recorded stuff but I would prefer live so it’s different from spending time on YouTube.

From a technical point of view to be streaming on the show all you need is Skype and a way to capture your audio.

Basic setup would be Skype and audio card, you take the audio from the card into Skype. This way we see you and hear what you’re doing but we can’t talk.

Less basic, Skype, audio card/mixer and mic.
Your audio goes into the audio card from the mixer, you speak in the mic. In this case, headphones or we’ll get feedback.


cool idea Auto. I cannot do something for this weekend but I would be interested in a future episode if this becomes a semi-regular thing. I have some ideas for Bitwig tutorials that I idly thought about putting up on YT, but I need a good camera first. And I need to clean up my desk.

I’m going to have a potter around today and see if I’m capable, as I’ve never done live music nor the video thingy, any video you see me post in the past is recorded on a shitting old sony DSC-HX7V camera and edited in final cut.

My computer is down. But I’m down for some nonsense.
This tablet has a cam and mike. Perhaps a little nonsense is needed.

Date pushed back by one week

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Mkay. Keep me posted. I think I’m going to speed master a track, see if I can do it in under 10 minutes.

Time slots are flexible, if you need more we schedule more.

I have an hour’s worth of live set : ) But I’ll pick two songs lol

I might do a brief overview of the Microfreak or of the Akai Force

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yo that akai looks straight up like the push

…or similar

Very close, but with built-in stuff too. I haven’t gotten to know mine well enough yet to do really cool stuff, but I can entertain myself for 45 minutes with like 5 loops and a filter.

I’d gladly enjoy watching this series fill out live or recorded, just due to timing. I personally watch a lot of YT vids. If we, maybe even as a collect were able to share are playthrough, reviews, WIPs though one channel, on top of the Live aspect or “whatever”, we could all, some, or community-wise build a spot for ourselves.

Imagine someone like @Evelon posting content through the channel, or @Fidelium posting a one-off of some new project he’s on. Etc Etc Etc. New, old, current, before.

I also loved the old interview stuffs. IDMF radio was also neat.

I know the forum is down in visits, but to be fair, unless Reddit is your source, we’re going to be. But I feel we can still be a high-value source for information. It’s worked this long. And we all get older.


Any news?