IDMf Live online


I think we are waiting for more volunteers but Id be willing to go longer if Auto still wanted to host.


Would do a proper fucked up noise stream, if you want me too. OBS and stuff is all set.


I don’t think I could master a track in 10 minutes, more realistically I need 20 to 30, and IDK because I’ve never talked/explained what I’m doing as I’m doing it. To do that really well, I assume takes even longer.


Happy to arrange this if there’s enough interest but judging from this thread, I’m not too optimistic, it’s seems like there’s only 4/5 of us interested in doing this


I can play for at most 50-60 min if there aren’t that many slots, up to how you wanna schedule it though.


Likewise, longer isn’t an issue for me.


Same here. :metal: