IDMF is now BASS fishorums

I’ve seen Auto and Relic having this addendum added to the last of their names?

Inside joke?

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Fid came around today, and I think he has as much power as anyone, so I’m gonna go with yeah.

True, but not RFJ? Or possibly new posts by?

haha, you’re not far off, I definitely said “that would be funny if you guys…” but I didn’t actually do it.

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a year ago that would have totally been me. to be perfectly honest on that note, since the update, my times of tinkering and sometimes (read: often) trolling about with the html and back-end of the forum code are over. it’s not the same anymore, because it’s not my project anymore. it wasn’t for awhile, but I had the keys and there wasn’t much of a direction or ability for people to take the reigns without it being a major issue, be it a rampaging power-hungry admin who overexerts himself and hard deletes his account, or a base of regulars who continuously complain about how suggestions for the place to improve are ignored because another admin constantly goes on drug benders and only spends his time finding ways to use the forum to fuck with people.

or this is a good thing. I think anyone who wants to take the opportunity to make this new system grow and flourish should do it and remember that what’s important is the feelings and opinions of the community who also is giving in to it.

the point is with this place, if this eases anyone’s conscience, the point is to stop freaking out when idmf goes six days without a new post. or stop freaking out when a deadline is missed, or stop freaking out when a project turns out unexpectedly or less to your standards, or stop freaking out when someone didn’t return a PM. I did it all the time, I mean goddamn it, it fucked me up in the head.

the problem with the last couple years of idmf is that people have been busting each other’s nuts over how it should be. this new look and feel and coding is a new horizon for this place. it’s literally just waiting for someone to drop their pretences and do something cool with it.


Where have you been, you weiner.

I haven’t seen anything, I know nothing.

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May the waa ben with you.



Twat’s that?


And here I am wondering why I wasn’t able to tag any of you guys XD

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Um excuse me, what have I become? A bleeping robot? Bleep bloop blop…Why have you forsaken me?

I can’t believe you’ve done this.

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it was the best star wars/benwaa pun I could come up with lol


CBen30? Kylo Ben?

TuskBen Waaider

That’s all I got.

You can’t handle the Ben?



Thx guise lol