IDMF is now BASS fishorums


Samwise Took?


Is the logo gif at the top a bass fish? Huh?


It sure is.



Not anymore. Not on my watch.
And if I miss awkward drunk posting, guys use the flag button. Even for mods


Not sure how to flag the forum icon. :grinning:


lmao was thinking the same thing


Drop that Bass


Nothing can stop a Fid-scapade…we just pick pick up the pieces and rebuild.


I thought it was funny, to be fair. I couldn’t tell what the icon was at first. Then I realised it was a bass fish going wub win…lol


yeah that was actually an accident. sorry dude


to perfectly honest as already mentioned, I thought i just changed my own icon, and changed the forum one, realized it right before I had to leave somewhere, and figured you guys would take care of it. there was no illwill or silliness behind it. just being dumb at internet.

I have no interest in fucking with the workings of this forum on purpose. so incredibly sorry for causing a shit storm.


Trying to change your profile icon into an animated fish is obviously not silly, and I honestly don’t see why anyone would think it so. An animated fish icon can, after all, make or break a man - there’s nothing silly about them. Nothing.


People like you caused the Chernobyl meltdown…


Oh dude no hate or anything, I just figured it was you is all. You do you as long as our landing page doesn’t start redirecting to Ke$ha’s soundcloud or something.


Um excuse me? What’s wrong with her SC?


It would hype us way too much. The people would be disappointed when they actually found us. What are you her ghost producer or something XD





well that’s probably one reason why I have no clue who you are nor have any interest in pursuing any dialogue with you


And that’s in good mood!