I propose we do an OFFICIAL cross-IDMf artist remix EP/comp series


I’ve talked for a while now about the potentiality for IDMf to make more releases, and feature more artists and users. I was honored to be on IDMF “Beyond the Listening Booth Vol.1” and “This is Good Tea”. There was an eventual official release of “Beyond the Listening Booth” as Vol.2, and I think there is room to innovate and create a new series of releases in the interim of single artist releases.

We should do cross artist EP remixes. After doing my release with metaside, it kind of hit me… and especially after digging into Agent Slimepunk’s stems.

It would be really cool to do “versus” releases. Such as (examples only using names, anything goes)

Metaside vs city at worlds end - (4 track EP)
city at worlds end vs IDMforums (LP where I remix a ton of artists)
IDMforums vs the world (compilation of remixes we do of other users) .

the EPs could feature two remixes and the two originals, a simple release that could be done without too much overhead or dedication from anyone. Maybe set an annual quarter where we all have an event to remix like crazy from stems we all cough up and designate someone to master and put it together.

It’d give a lot of opportunity to everyone in terms of working within the community to all collaborate like a real label. We ARE a label after all, right?!

These releases could include original singles alongside the remixes, or have a longer release similar to that of an open genre comp, but remix-based. I think that might get a lot of new users engaged as well, because they can dive right in and get some of our stems and start tearing it up.

What do you guys think? I’m all in for this. I think it’s a step in the right direction into maybe recruiting enough bandwidth to start getting out monthly releases (as I’ve always rooted for).


If you think about it this is brilliant idea. all one artist need is to make one track and that’s it. Then stem it. It could be 4-track EPs with 2 singles as you said (1 song each) and 2 or as many remixes as possible, really depends on how many were submitted and if they meet everyone’s expectations. Maybe before starting it all just agree on general theme and music goals so tracks could fit with each other much better.

could also do a remix & collabs type thingy for a release,
in a sense of including a few collab tracks into these type of releases

i wanna do fidelium vs _ms


As long as you can give me a key or some midi, I’m in to do some remixes. It’s E-Z P-Z. Also happy to provide my mastering if no one else wants to give it a try, that’s easy for me too.

After a brief discussion with one of the other netlabel team members we want to know what you need organizationally from us? Our feeling at this point is 1. Awesome idea! 2. Go ahead and do it and submit it. 3. What is it that you need from us organizationally? If it passes the pretty straightforward judging process we will make it a release and do what we do.

I think I safely speak for all four Roo, RFJ, Auto and myself when I say. Do it. If there is something specific you need from us please ask. Just do it and submit and we will listen to it.

If you are waiting for our blessing or the OK to do something you have it, like you guys have carte blanch : )

Looks like white noise already offered to master anyone’s results so that is a major base covered IMO. There should be some Album Writing Month fodder coming up ready here soon too, so that might be a nice cross-over of two projects. I’m sure the BB fellas might have some stems they could share for this as well. Sky is the limit.

Personally, I don’t at all mind people using the forum as a resource to do projects that get posted somewhere else too. All I would ask is you leave a link back to the community you leveraged to do the project. Do something in community projects and post it on Band Camp on your own and leave a link to IDMF somewhere.

Make more music ya’ll : ) <3

A final thought, and this is just me trying to cover all bases (it is the teacher in me)…nothing said here makes me think this is what anyone is waiting for, but just to be clear, the one caveat to releasing on the netlabel is that everything will have to go through a judging process. There will never be some kind of guarantee of release just because we like an idea for a project. Again, please know I really don’t think that is what anyone is after but I’m saying it so it is said.


sure, i’m all in for it.

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Funny this came about. I was thinking of this for my current project! haha. Already collaborating with a board member on a track, and thought we could offer the stems up to be remixed by the community. Then run a poll to see which would be the top 3 to be featured as songs on my forthcoming.

No big label, or whatever behind it. Will be a self release. No boundaries, as most of what I create is a hybrid of life! Don’t want to have people using the stems and feeling constricted. Only thing I suppose I would ask is that you make sure the melody, of the “song” be obvious somewhere. haha

if people aren’t into remixing the song that we are currently doing, I would be happy to kick out stems of 1 of the other songs.

This all by the way has already been discussed with my collar partner as well.


Love the idea of this!


It’s gonna be epic! :skull_and_crossbones:

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Thanks for the awesome response and following up @relic

Word! I would say organizationally just being open to consider them as official releases is a big step. In terms of coordination, Unless anyone is opposed I can spearhead some of the behind the scenes timelines and organization of these releases… hosting the thread and being a conduit for upholding any timelines for submission and consideration by the team. It seems like there could be multiple versus EPs going on at a time, so working out how to submit those and eventually when those might release could just be something we deal with on a weekly consideration.

So far we have @Fidelium vs @_ms, and @metaside vs city at worlds end… also @TvMcC said he has something rolling and maybe this could be a good release umbrella to throw it under :). I think giving these a month+ timeline and maybe a couple weeks to master and do artwork would be plenty, but as it’s up to the artists bandwidth, timelines would probably be varied.

On the note of artwork, I’ll gladly produce any design or promo materials for the release if people are wanting my help in that department.

This being said, of course it’s understood any EPs need to undergo approval for release, which is the biggest part where the team will aid this creative endeavor.

I’m all for anyone who is up to master, I think mastering duties could be specific depending on each release. If we’re doing two artists crossed on an ep (one single each, then remix each others single for 4 tracks) either party could master, or designate someone interested in handling that. I think that’ll just be talked about on a project-by-project basis.

Agreed, ideally I had this vision in mind as something to do under the IDMf umbrella to get more member involvement for potential official releases backed by the netlabel itself (assuming it meets approval standards). I think there already is some dope projects outside of the umbrella being coordinated here. :slight_smile:

That’s always a point worth reiterating :slight_smile:

@relic If you give me the go ahead, I’ll draft up a thread and some announcement artwork. Can start outlining interested members, rough timelines, and designate some duties to get the first one or two done in the next few months or whatever. :slight_smile:

Cheers homies!

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that is a good idea :slight_smile:

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Yea dude go for it. I don’t mind making something a sticky either–the new forum software lets us choose how long the pin lasts, so, I don’t have to remember to come unpin it later.

This reminds me of the IDMf Valentine’s Day Massacre we did a few years ago, where people teamed up to create bangers. Such a great project.

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Glad to see cyclops again. Either I totally missed his posts, or they didn’t register at the time.

I read the above as fid vs ms vs meta vs nostromer and had an idea spark. In addition to this project, what about doing a “supergroup” sort of thing, where each person is given a role where they feel most comfortable? Percussion, bass, lead synths, backing synths/atmosphere noises, guitar, mixing, etc.

Obviously this is my “traditional band” mind at work, but that would be a pretty cool project, and fairly easy to do since it would lighten the load per person. We could throw old WIPs at each other and start from there. I recently did bass and vocals over a Nostromer track, and it was a lot of fun not worrying about the rest of the thing, and I had IG88 do percussion on one of my tracks way back in the day.

I dunno. Just thinking and seeing if anybody would be down. That sounds like fun to me.


That’s a killer idea Vlantis! I’d be hella down to do some supergroup work on dedicated roles

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IDMf, the band. :stuck_out_tongue:

I honestly don’t think it would be that difficult. Each member could pick a WIP of theirs and share it with the rest. We might have to think of a pipeline of how to start. Probably lead, bass, and perc, figure out the structure, then the other stuff (and the back and forth would lead to some evolution and inspiration along the way).

First we have to see if anybody is down, then form a PM group. Using old WIPs would also help us leave our egos at the door. :stuck_out_tongue:

For my part, I feel comfortable doing bass (and vocals here and there depending on what kind of music is made).

I like this idea! You should make a dedicated thread Vlantis (I asked Relic to lock this one or delete it since I made an official versus thread in this subforum)

and we can talk more about it :wink:

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Personally, I would love to release something that was EP or LP that was just some kind of collabs/vs./super group release. I was hoping some peeps would get together and make an album to submit. Looking forward to listening to whatever comes of this project.